Even I saw this for myself. Mary Justice with poor Johnnie Sharp at McDonald’s. Sitting with two guys, probably Mary’s new marks, not one word or acknowledgement of Johnnie Sharp, nope, not until it’s TIME TO PAY, then sweet Mary gets Johnnie to get out her credit card and pay.

Be careful of who goes around your parents, there are vultures out there just like this woman.

Yeah, yeah, they’ve threatened to sue me numerous time, get in line, little Mary, you can’t even get an attorney.

THIS is what is going on in Waco right in front of law enforcement, BUT, since the JUSTICE family has spent years sucking up to Par and fixing his vehicles, installing vanity lights, etc., NOTHING happens.

Yet………………hang in there, sweet Mary and her fat boys just may have gone too far.


Please keep the family of Justice for Johnnie Ann Sharp in your prayers as Johnnie has entered hospice. Brad Sharp managed to get into his Moms house and he’s standing firm and will not leave her side. Please pray for strength and peace for Brad and his precious Mom. They have lost so much time and memories all because of someone else’s greed. This picture was taken the first time Brad was able to see his Mom in almost six years when she was hospitalized a few months ago. Brad wanted to update everyone but is focusing on his Mom and gave me permission to post. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. 💔🙏💔🙏

Justice for Johnnie Ann Sharp

September 27, 2022  · 

Hey Dr. Gary Barbin, you said to me “I missed my mom for the wrong reasons” with ZERO factual evidence to support such a ridiculous statement!

Attached are copies of just a few checks from the TWO family’s that “LOVE MY MOM FOR THE WRONG REASONS”. What you see here is FACTUAL evidence to support this post and not made up LIES from criminals like the Justice Family (Mary, Chad and Jay) or my uncle Jimmy Dale Garner and his wife Donna! PLEASE SHARE! Please help, keep spreading the word, and I still can’t believe this is allowed to happen to our elderly in Texas! It could happen to anyone! PLEASE NOTE THESE BANK ACCOUNTS HAVE BEEN CLOSED AND MY MOTHERS ADDRESS IS NO LONGER THE ONE LISTED. These people have made sure her money was moved and one has even told people they’ve had to move my mother’s money because too many people were asking questions.

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