At least it wasn’t a train

On April 10, 2023, at around 3:45 pm, Sheriff McNAMARA was backing up in Unit 101, which is his county issued unit at the firing range and backed into a tree stump causing damage to the passenger side of the vehicle. The vehicle will be taken to C&C Collision for an estimate and repair. This report is for documentation purposes only and will be closed.

This is not, NOT, a picture of the Sheriff’s County vehicle, after hitting what was described as a “stump”, this is satire, folks, and THIS is some funny stuff right here. It seems that a tree, “just wandered up” at the “Range” last April.

You will have to scroll down, and down and down on this one, sorry, it’s a long story, the receipts are all below, including the check.

Here is Parnell at a “Parnell’s Posse” Reunion

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