Right? Here’s the EX Fire Chief. His name is John Johnston, his wife, Sherre is currently in Plane, Texas in the Women’s Correctional Facility there after she got 10 DWI’s, 2 burglaries, carrying contraband into a correctional agency and other offenses.

Because little Sherre kept asking the arresting officers to “call Parnell”, her lover and brother of her other lover, poor dead Mike McNamara, our Sheriff deemed to NOT HAVE BODY CAMS to keep Sherre talking about him from being recorded anywhere but (badly) on the dash cams and inside the cop cars. He had no CONTROL over that.

So, we also have to comment on how the two good Christians, Par and Char, don’t really give a rats ass about the feelings, reputation, or anything else of John Johnston, the husband of Sherre. Another worst case of denial since Patty Hearst right here.

Par, the Sheriff, just kept on with his affair and manipulation of John’s wife and the Republican Women, and, naturally, the men, didn’t and don’t care one bit.

Par’s penis and penchant for having women just drop those pink panties to the ground is legendary and, believe me, poor Char can’t compete.

This is John Johnston, celebrated for long suffering at the hands of our Sheriff, his wife, and Johnston’s own wife, inmate Sherre.

You recon’ any Firemen RESPECT PARNELL MCNAMARA?

Hell no.

Let’s have a moment of silence for ALL THESE FINE CHRISTIANS.



John Johnston – Battalion Fire Chief – City of Waco, TX

LinkedIn › john-johnston-234220a3

Waco, Texas, United States · Battalion Fire Chief · City of Waco, TX

John Johnston. Battalion Fire Chief at City of Waco, TX. City of Waco, TXDallas Baptist University. Waco, Texas, United States. 736 followers 500+ …

Waco Fire Chief to step down

KWKT – FOX 44 › news › waco-fire-chief-…

Nov 5, 2015 — Waco Fire Chief John Johnston is stepping down from his position with plans to remain in the department. City spokesman Larry Holze said …

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