Aaah, nothing like Little Man Syndrome, Joe’s hat is big but he ain’t. He also had an “incident” with one of his ex wives that ended in her GOING TO THE E.R. after an “altercation” with Joe over her wanting to see his cell phone. She wanted to see it, he didn’t. Hmmm. Obviously, she was just being paranoid and so Joe put her in her place, the ER.

She later decided that the TRUTH could set him free of his job so she changed her tune and made it all HER FAULT for wanting to see the cell phone.

All they care about is their retirement so if it had been anyone else they wouldn’t have covered it up for them, but precious Joe, well…………otay.

Of course, at the end, Joe wasn’t so loved after all, was he? Talk of him going to CID and having Rebecca Eubank or Chris over him, didn’t sit well, so off he scampered taking the Grant Money with him. Poor Par doesn’t have his fingers in that anymore, AND we suspect there will be a large audit on that. We guarantee it.

For all of you at home who think the Sheriff’s folks will come defend YOU after you decide to play BOUNCE THE WIFEY, the answer is “no”, spousal altercations and abuse are only overlooked for the boys in the uniform WITHOUT the body cams.

Thank you.


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