This is so funny. It has audio. It’s Char and Sherre Johnston STILL fighting over the canteen Sherre took from Par and Char’s shed way back when. This is sorta funny because the canteen was gifted to Par by his wife, Linda, years ago. All kinds of gifts, hunting supplies, and canteens were kept in that shed, for some reason, Sherre took THAT canteen. Now, in this clip from March’s incredible scene on Bosque where Parnell goaded Sherre Johnston into attacking Mary Howard, THIS exchange happened between the wicked witch of the West and the future felon in white. If you listen you can hear these two idiots arguing about that canteen which it seems Sherre still has. You gotta love it. Let’s all pretend Par and Sherre and Mike didn’t have a “thang”. Let’s pretend that Cody Blossman, son of Secret Service Blossman, didn’t help Parnell and Sherre move Mike’s body.

THIS is all bullshit and you all know it. Let’s all pretend to be big Christians and big Republicans with morals.



Businesswoman charged in burglary on local sheriff’s property (

Char and Sherre Baby fighting over a canteen from Par’s deceased wife that Sherre kept, this is hysterical, finally, someone walks by after seeing it’s being recorded, too late, bwaaah.

Charlotte Miller McNamara, no matter what kind of hair extensions you get, no matter how you dress, you’re still old, your husband is a womanizer and you are putting out total bullshit for money you don’t and will never have, well, money that’s yours and not either Lacy Bank or TFNB. Although Calf Implants has probably had enough of you by now.

Thanks to having killer sex with law enforcement, mainly retired, elderly law enforcement, little Sherre learned how to threaten people without threatening them. Wink wink.

This picture if a threat, bet if Char had gotten it instead of me it would have been. Right?

Face it, Char, people don’t like you. They pretend to like you, but when you turn your back they’re taking pictures of your ass and cankles. Keep trying though.

In closing, I pose the question to Char, “How many times you gonna ask my lawyer if he’s going to represent me in your lawsuit you never file?”

If you sue me I’ll get to ask about your Delaware Corporation, let’s go.


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