Just when you feel like giving up, when the old farts of yesteryear have won! You see good, better people die, you mourn Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and you’re stuck in this timetraveled bullshit town where grandfathers and grandsons and Legacy, bigots, womanizing fake Christian bullshit artists who protect themselves and sell off cheap to murderers and purveyors of poisons that are sold to captive elderly people.

Then, somewhere out of the blue one of them, another asshole who can’t take his fucking hat off inside “cause his ass is bald, his fake teeth don’t fit for shit” finally figures out that it’s time to go to the house.

I am not lying to you, I am in tears of happiness.

Fuck you, Doc Anderson, you puppet, ass kisser, your legacy? Well, there isn’t one.

The last time I saw a mouth like this, it had a gawddamned hook in it.

Doc’s legacy

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