Retire, you are old, feeble, worn out and we’re all sick of you and your ego. Go the fk home.

Everyone already knows it, maybe you’ve been under a rock somewhere, but if you didn’t know for sure, here it is.

Par is old, he has several heart stints, no, you never hear about those, Char just whisks him to Scott and White Temple, and back again so no one knows he’s too old, and sick. He needs knee replacements, if you look at him you could throw a Labrador Retriever between his knees when he walks. His prostate has its own zip code at this point.

SO, because he needs money, can’t keep a penny, his daughters have no money left from their Trust Funds, have homes that have TAX LIENS they’ll never be able to pay, AND they’re looking at “Daddy”, while Daddy and his Rotweiller Char can’t or won’t help them, he wants to KEEP his ill gotten campaign contributions from the crooks at FRONTIER BIOLOGICS.

Par has raised $426K, yep, and after he gets elected, he can KEEP THE MONEY, and get the Commissioner Ass Kissers to put Cody Blossman “in” as Sheriff. After all, Parnell wants to pay Cody back for either being his own son, who knows, AND, for sure helping him move his brother’s body along with Sherre the Shack Job Johnson.

THAT is the plan, folks.

Chris Eubank knows the plan. Scaramucci knew the plan. They all know and are highly pissed off but what can they do.

After all it’s the BROTHERHOOD first. Being Law Enforcement is it’s own CULT, plus, Cody did help move the dead or dying Mike McNamara.

Think not? Ask Susan Istre. Back when Mike died during his sexcapade with little Sherre, Cody was freaked out and tried to tell her. He managed to tell many of the STAFF there at the hospital and it would seem Par got him calmed down and the rest is promotion history.

The photo below is not the runway to the McGregor airport, no, it’s the bald head of Cody Blossman, another asshole that can’t take his hat off inside because the womenfolk might see he has a bald head, heaven forbid.

Because if they can’t chat up a woman for sex, they can’t figure out how to talk to her at all.

THIS is the plan, folks.

Par wants to CONTROL THE COUNTY either from his front porch or the grave.

Are you gonna let these assholes do this?


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