To hear the recording Brad made please see FACEBOOK: JUSTICE FOR JOHNNIE SHARP as I simply cannot get the thing to download. Sorry, and it’s worth looking up and listening to. I will be so glad when this holiday is over so Court Cases against the Justices can move forward!!!


🚨🚨🚨My mom was released to come home this past week from the hospital and the decision was made by Mary Justice to put my mom on hospice! I am unaware if my mom knows her true medical condition or is even aware that’s she’s on hospice.

Two days ago Sydney and I went to see my mom and it was a great visit for about an hour until Chief financial abuser Mary Justice walks in my mom’s house then she calls Chad and tells him to call the police. My mom was so excited to see us and especially Sydney. The best feeling was seeing my mom smile and laugh because I have a feeling she doesn’t get do that much anymore. (Attached recording is from the first 1 min of our visit). Mary kept saying we aren’t allowed to be there because of a letter from 6 years ago, and my mom said she didn’t remember any paperwork that she had against me. She even said she didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to be there, and she even told Mary “Brad is my son and I love him”. The police came to my mom’s house and asked my mom if it was ok for me to be there, and her exact words were “I am ok with him no matter what” then the police officer says alright that is all I needed to hear and he left. I have everything recorded because I knew the Justice Crime family would lie in court and say my mom never said those things.

Brady, Sydney and I went back this morning to see my mom and the caregiver asked who it was, and we told her. She said “I am sorry but you can’t come in”. The caregiver says there is a piece of paper that says that I can’t come into my mom’s house. I asked her a couple of times to ask my mom if it’s ok for us to come in and the caregiver never said anything back. It’s not her fault and I don’t blame her because she was instructed by the Justice Crime Family to make sure I don’t get see my mom and she was just doing her job.

The Justice Crime family claims I have a restraining order or a document saying I can’t see my mom. The document they have is from 6 years ago when Mary and Jimmy Dale took my mom attorney shopping after they convinced her I was trying to lock her up at Wesley Woods and they both claim it was my idea and not good ole Dr. Gary Barbin’s idea. The attorney that wrote this letter telling me my mom was pretty much disowning me decided not to represent my mom when he found out what was really going on, so I am not even sure it’s valid.

Mary, Chad and Jay were born LIARS and CRIMINALS and will stop at nothing to make sure the money flow to them never stops! We shall see soon because this case is getting ready to get very interesting with a court date coming up soon.

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