Parnell McNamara

The degenerate offspring of an illustrous sire

Being “Harry Storm” is fucking depressing, yes, I’m cursing, it all spins my head and I think yours too from what you write me and what you ask me. Back on track, Stoner. Harry Storm is an imaginary big, bad guy I hide behind.

I bitch about people and their “daddy issues”, guess I have them too.

I don’t however, have a “Y” chromosone that would make me male. Nope, it’s “XX”.

“What will it take for McLennan County to not be corrupt?” people ask me over and over again.

What has saved us from another generation of McNamara’s is the “XX” chromosone, two daughters, thank goodness, that shit ends with Par.

If you take a look at the aging Peacocok King below, he’s aging, face it, most people die between 70 and 80 and he’s 76 or 77.

Because HE wants his “legacy” in office, he’s now fucked over Eubank, Scaramucci, everyone who hates Cody Blossman the entitled little sonny boy of the big Secret Service agent under one of the President Shrubs, whatever.

So, our Sheriff for life here, wants to also GIVE US our Sheriff after death.

Do you not see this? He’s actually fucked over the guy who took the test for him, and years of total loyalty, for the Wild Card, detested by law enforcement Statewide, Cody Blossman.

Parnell has something up his sleeve, and he also knows he needs to retire.

He’s not happy, almost lost his shit at Westfest because he’s not used to NOT BEING THE BIG STUD at stuff. Westfest showed Jeff Aguirre walking and shaking hands, Par rode. They loved Jeff Aguirre, Par and Char, they know it, they don’t like it, and they can’t take it.

He’s trying to make us elect Blossman in some distant future.

He controlled a lot of the last election, you all know that, the one where Charlie suddenly one? Yeah, that one.

Cody will get in there, in Parnell’s mind, and absolutely FUCK people so Par can be happy from the grave.

Think about this shit.

You better get yourself elected first old man before trying to shove this entitled look alike down our throats.

Can’t wait till the election forums.

I’ll see you there.

Don’t let him do this.


Cody Blossman, the man who helped Sheriff McNamara move is brother, Mike’s dead or dying body, and perpetuates the big lie to keep the McNamara’s “look good”, in front of everyone. wink wink

When you see these men ask them, Cody will turn red, he’s a bad liar, besides, he wants to tell. Parnell is half dead wanting to control the county after death. He wants to control elections from the private cemetery where they placed the un autopsied body of his daughter’s baby daddy last month. They stage their lives, it’s all bullshit for money and desperate to win. My life is real. How about you?

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