This is not South Bosque Tommy, but it could be and yes, he’s pissed too.

Mon, Aug 21 at 1:31 PMDear Harry, Wonderful Job on the Seth Sutton coverage! Sad but true and most people do not realize if the “policing entity” be it Waco PD, Bellmead, PD, Robinson, or MCLENNAN COUNTY SHERIFF DEPARTMENT DO NOT do the work and bring a case that the DA’s office can be prosecuted then NO conviction can be had or cases get dropped because there is NO evidence to support the charge or the charge gets dropped to the correct charge and a plea bargain is made. Because you see most people will take a plea deal because they just want it done and over with to move on with their lives.

 I will give it to Seth Sutton him being a lawyer he knew that they had not done the work and had pretty much lied to get what they got and rolled the dice good call Mr. Sutton, good call. That one out of the way lets talk about the proposed raised for the entire courthouse and sheriff department. I am appalled that this is even on the agenda for August 29th at 9:00 am. I would like to know just how many days these County employees work for what they get paid NOW and these entitled SOB’s got full pay during COVID and the courts were shut down by the way the courts being shut down well (THIS IS THE REASON THE PREVIOUS DA’S OFFICE HAD A BACK LOG READ THAT AGAIN NO COURTS OPEN TO TRY OR DISPOSE OF CASES AT NO FAULT OF THE PREVIOUS DA LIKE OUR CURRENT MATT DILLION WANT TO BE SHERIFF LEAD THE PUBLIC TO BELIEVE WHILE HE OPENLY CAMPAIGNED  ON TAXPAYER TIME TO GET A SETTING DA OUT OF OFFICE GUESS MR. JOHNSON DID NOT DO THE FAVOR FOR GIFTS GAME) It makes me sick to think that the Republicans and Democratic voters  of McLennan or just that caught up in a false persona and smoke and mirrors. 

Parnell McNamara has not now or ever been a Marshall that was his daddy! He was only a Deputy Marshall he did not take a posse out after Kenneth McDuff like he would like us to believe. One of McDuff’s coworkers in Kansas recognized him and turned him in to the police and he and Mike did what a DEPUTY MARSHALL does they TRANSPORTED him back to McLennan county period. Parnell McNamara DID NOT in any way have a part in CATCHING KENNETH ALLEN MCDUFF. A Deputy US Marshal is responsible for a range of law enforcement and security duties.

The US Marshals Service notes that deputies’ duties fall into seven main areas: witness security, judicial security, fugitive investigations, transporting prisoners, prisoner services, asset forfeiture, and special missions. For convenience I have highlighted exactly what the duties were in Waco Texas at the time that Parnell McNamara served. Why do these people need a raise? All I have seen out of the commissioner’s court is higher budgets unnecessary spending. Here is an example why does the Sheriff’s Department need $1,000.000.00 in new cars? Where are the ATVs that the TAXPAYERS bought for the Sheriff Department?  I would bet money they are NOT at a County Garage or even on County property, I heard from a previous county employee that ole Parnell likes to keep them over at the Home Place for personal and family use when not out on a man hunt with the helicopters. And why were these ATVs immediately after purchased altered? Stock tires from the factory pulled off and ATVs jacked up with big tires just like the Sheriffs Truck read it again the Sheriff your “Americas Sheriff” what a joke (excuse me while I throw up in my mouth a little) pulled perfectly GOOD BRAND-NEW TIRES FROM THE FACTORY OFF HIS COUNTY TRUCK TO PUT BIG TIRES ON AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE. To look “COOL” as the sheriff has been reported to say by an employee!! WAKE UP PEOPLE stop this hemorrhaging of taxpayer money, when you sit back and let the wolves guard the hen house this is what happens. Make no bones about it your County Judge Felton is right there in the GOOD OLE BOY SYSTEM. Felton tends to overlook or approve things that really make me question his judgement and his cognitive health. So don’t bitch, and whine about TAXES if you don’t go question why they spend money like they do RAISES my butt!!

No different than the Federal Government giving themselves raises. BE THERE AUGUST 29th at 9:00am and raise your concerns and approval or disapproval just take an active roll in our County Government or LACK of. I truly thought the voters of McLennan County knew how our court system run boy was I wrong they bought Parnell’s song and dance hook line and sinker. Now of course there are the other group that throw money at him so they can give him that late night call to keep a relative out of jail or from going to jail, and lets not forget the ones that need a favor say from one of the Judges he helped get elected….. I am done for today rant over.  

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