I don’t see how they can retry this case. I will send off Public Records Requests at some point in the future and get the cost of this total fiasco. Sutton hasn’t been the only mistrial, I think Tetens might just be being quiet about the poor quality of the cases, that doesn’t get you anywhere but to think they tried Sutton while Marcus Beaudin walks the streets is a real question of priority.

Of course, a ton of wild stuff didn’t come up, I am sure the Judge kept it out and Chelsey’s role etc was rarely mentioned.

Sutton actually was “lucky” when Chelsey decided to go or a ride.

I’ll bet this cost about 100K.

Why should they retry it, all it takes is ONE to hang it and they had from what I hear 3.

Ugly little case.


This is another example of how money WINS! Sutton is a lucky man. Hopefully the prosecution gets it right next time. Does anyone else think it is strange that Tijerina/Sutton had hundreds of DELETED text messages under different names and phone numbers? The affair was swept under the rug. Tijerina was hit by a car and died. What are the odds? crickets….

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