Parnell’s Golden Boy has had enough. Stories abound, “he got more money”, “got another job he likes better”, and “he hates Cody Blossman”, this is what I heard this morning.

Doing really well, Parnell, aren’t you?

Seems a contract is pending on a house too, wonder what’s up with the Embalmer.


2 thoughts on “SCARAMUCCI QUITS S.O

  1. He can bank teaching his skill across the county, write a book, etc.

    As for the Eubank “dream house”, $750-$800k sale price is crazy, how can you afford that with 2 S.O. salaries?

    Time for someone to call the IRS on that one, salary to home cost doesn’t make sense.

    Becca looks stressed AF, spotted her a couple weeks ago, DAMN.

    The SRO at BosqueVille quit weeks ago, 10 plus years at SO, and boom, gone.

    Changing the subject, I was about to toss the Magic 8 ball, but asked again, “does mistrial equal not guilty?”

    Answer: “ of course silly”

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