This is from a female reader and this is exactly why the jury selection expert didn’t want women. THIS is why the jury is 10 men and 2 women.

I figure I can be anything, and I can, but I cannot be a man. Women and men differ at certain points and there’s no way around it. All the macho talk and stuff they are doing on tape, the “love you, brother”, shit, I can’t take it. I don’t get it.

Women are just not this stupid or macho or invincible or narcissistic.

Women are also the accountability partner.

The entire thing is gloomy, there is no one to like really, you wonder why every man doesn’t just go piss in the corner, it’s that foreign to me. Women don’t show eachother their junk in the locker room, we don’t slap eachother on the butt, I don’t get it, but the jury selection expert sure did.

Read this from one of my fave readers, all fired up, me too.

The only affront that hasn’t been heaped upon my sensibilities is that they’re not big Jeezus freaks at least, well, so far, that’d do it.

You couldn’t coerce me into it, no, but you can’t have your cops going this far either, to me it’s inventing a crime, just like Scaramucci talking to people who think he’s a cute twelve year old girl, it’s too much.

Anyway, enjoy what my girl has to say, face it, we all feel it, and Seth Sutton paid a guy from Austin to keep us bitches off this jury too.

Remember, this jury is made up of men, not any pretty men, or slick men, this is blue jean, beard, bar soap shampoo guys, if women had a hand in this, we wouldn’t be here.

Trust me, today, I didn’t like anybody.


I believe it will be a much sadder day if Sutton goes free. As a dare devil by nature, I’ve been goaded, coerced, dared to jump of the LakeShore bridge to catch the rope swing that hung there every summer for over a decade. BUT I didn’t do it. My take on this is the undercover had picked up early on that Sutton was looking at doing this. If he was serious, he’d take the bait. And guess what? Sutton did. Sutton came up with multiple plans. Sutton came up with a map. Sutton paid money for an untraceable gun. No one coerced him to do those things. He’s a lawyer and he Knows right from wrong. It’s inexcusable. This “daughter” thing… he was not attached to this girl. Her mother and Seth had just gotten married, after screwing around on their spouses. She did not like him. This daughter thing is only a cover up. Crime of passion- except there was no passion between those two.


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