Day three of the Seth Sutton trial saw Clint Broden cross examine the Undercover Cop, “Scott”.

This is the basics of the retort between them. NOT word for word.

Broden: On May 17 who instigated the phone call.

Scott: I did

Broden: May 20th. who instigated the phone call

Scott: I did

Broden: May 21st phone call, who called who

Scott: I did

Broden: May 22nd, who called who (three times)

Scott: I did

Well, this didn’t sit well with anyone, especially the jurors. We’ve determined that an undercover cop lets it happen, well, certainly this is not the case, the undercover cop, who has been accused by Sutton’s team of “Entrapment”, certainly did prove at the very least “COERSION”.

“Scott” didn’t want to let on, he had his poker face, but you could tell that even he knew he had called way too much.

It came out Monday via that awful John Allovio that the procedure was to have an Operational Plan and to give that to your superiors over at the PD. Funny thing, there wasn’t one, Allovio had no clue where it was, and neither did anyone else, and in the end, that they didn’t do what they were supposed to do with procedure didn’t have much meaning at all. The later witnesses, all Waco PD, poohed around it and it would seem that “going rogue” etc just wasn’t any big deal, and for sure Scott was rogue for at least four days.

South Bosque Tommy and I had our first, “Oh, Shit”, moment when Sutton came up with yet another plan, this time they’d hide the gun over at Katy’s ex husband’s house and make it look like he killed Marcus Beaudin.

Clean sweep there.

The tape recording at the SALTY DOG of Seth Sutton giving Scott the three hundred dollars for the gun, plus another fifty was terrible. You couldn’t make out anything except an occasional loud expletive and basically, for me, not much more. They had a transcript on the screen but sitting in the back was hard to see but, you got the message the money went to Scott in cash.

Sutton wasn’t in any hurry to kill Marcus Beaudin, however, and Seth’s stepdaughter “CB” was coming home that very day and Sutton was going to talk with her about whether or not they were going to pursue charges, it was her decision. Sutton didn’t want Marcus Beaudin killed till around July and here it was, just May.

Scott also got into a lot of what he would do if a mfkr touched his imaginary daughter, I believe the exact words were , “put a bullet in his dome”, and was awfully eager to kill Marcus for Seth.

Scott went into the bathroom and alerted his backup that the money had changed hands, there were several backup cops in the Salty Dog and when Sutton left he made it as far as Valley Mills and Sanger when he was pulled over by two uniformed Waco PD officers, they put him in the back of the squad car and took him to the Police tower.

Bet that was a big surprise.

Today was cop after cop and it was, at least to me, after Broden pretty much wrecked Scott and showed that HE really did go after Seth a bit too much. The Waco PD top guys, Skaggs and Lanning testified about procedure, what happens when you mess up, Operational Plans, on and on and it’s pretty clear that nothing much means a thing and no one does anything they’re supposed to but hey, that’s okay too. Sorry. Typical as far as I am concerned.

The big “Oh Shit” moment came when South Bosque Tommy had to leave the courtroom for an unexpected bathroom back and on his way back to the courtroom overheard Scott, as he came out of the courtroom and over to a buddy of his and said,


If he looked at the jurors during his testimony they were highly unhappy with him and if they were looking for a reason to hate him and acquit Sutton, they got it when it came out that he called Seth and really did initiate all the talking about the murder, not that Seth wasn’t glowingly going along with it.

A reader wrote me about Chelsey Tijerina and “what about her”, well, they won’t be talking about her very much at all, the tape recordings of her came in but you won’t be hearing about her demise or anything else, that’s the law, they will have definite rules about what can and cannot come in because she was a co defendant in the case. Just the way it is folks.

When Chelsey died in the wreck I called the Wimberley newspaper immediately and talked to one of their reporters, I got a picture of the motorcycle also. It was in perfect condition, looked like you could just stand it up and drive off. There was a truck nearby and I know that people think Seth had something to do with it, he was in Houston that day headed towards Austin, and the fact that one of his fantasy killing Marcus scenarios was indeed a road rage killing, but, in all actuality probably a pure coincidence.

I had people calling me, I had suspicions, but, I did call there. Yes, me. I called. They reporter, who went to the scene and did a story for the paper, saw nothing suspicious and the person that hit her stopped and DPS was all over the place, judging from the less than spectacularly successful plan he had to kill Beaudin, orchestrating a truck to hit Chelsey just at the right place, right time, well, not with this bunch.

I wrote about this when it happened, pictures etc and I understand that people are really upset about her, I don’t blame you, but if you don’t believe me, call the Wimberley paper, I just at the end of my rope and if you think something sinister happened, please let me know as I feel I’ve done my Harry best on that one. The Accident Report also went to her family finally, and after they received it, I never heard from the family member I had been talking with again. Once THEY got the report from DPS they stopped looking, they stopped calling, they had their answers. Ask a lawyer about a wreck ending in a fatality and they’ll tell you DPS does volumes and The State of Texas takes it very seriously.

I’ve never been a fan of Waco PD and South Bosque Tommy didn’t think highly of them at all today either.

Neither did the jury.

Everyone “liked” Scott the undercover cop yesterday, but today, the “playing a part”, and pretending shit wore very thin and his veil slipped a few times under Brodin’s more than eloquent cross.

Face it, Scott the undercover cop was just way too zealous, too willing, and like a bad girlfriend, he called too damned much.

Entrapment? I don’t know.

Coersion? Yeah, definitely coersion.

Yesterday, everyone couldn’t help but lean toward guilt, today, however, is a not guilty day.

These jurors are very savvy, a group of very obviously hardworking people, the men wear mainly blue jeans and I think they all use bar soap on their hair.

South Bosque Tommy spends a lot of time watching the jurors, he has identified FOUR as no way, not guilty.

It only takes one.


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