THIS is Clint Broden, he’s smiling because he doesn’t need anyone to tell him how good he is, I have seen him before, at TWIN PEAKS but not in trial, I wondered how good he was going to be, he is just one of the best I’ve ever seen.

South Bosque Tommy is now quite the celebrity, this morning, in the Rotunda of the Courthouse, Clint Broden walked up to Tommy Witherspoon and asked him if he was “South Bosque Tommy”, at which time the real SB Tommy’s eyes got big as Tommy told Broden, that “no”, he wasn’t, then he pointed at Tommy and Broden went over, shook Tommy’s hand and walked off. I told him not to let it go to his head because Sherre Johnston still got the most hits on my blog, of course, most of those are from Indonesia where she’s really big.

The jury was ready to go, this time they brought snacks, and before anything even got going, AG Assistant Shawhan says that he has heard from Allovio and Allovio thinks that Assistant Police Chief Robert Lanning LIED in his testimony. What the actual? So that tossed around for a while and they decided to table it, never to be heard of again by the way.

I think the PD has some big problems, and if Sutton gets off they really need to take a hard look at themselves instead of just heaping certificates of bravery and other commendations that have no meaning whatsoever, and you have to listen to in Court forever. Everyone it seems gets badges for this or that, like in the Girl Scouts and who the hell cares? They so desperately want us, the public to like them and they are so butt hurt on the other hand, it’s ridiculous.

Everyone also is retirement driven, collecting retirements from one place and another or soon to retire or coming back from retirement on and on, and they all seem to want to help one another get to those golden years too by any means.

Scott the undercover cop needs to retire from EVER being undercover again anywhere. He tells his superior that Sutton has enlisted him to kill Marcus Beaudin, pretty much before Sutton enlisted him to do it.

He wrote a memo talking about Sutton being a biker lawyer and that Sutton had been successful in getting a biker off that had committed assault.

See, they just cannot fkg get over TWIN PEAKS. They are so butt hurt that we, the public, didn’t fall for them saving us from the thundering herd of bikers coming to kill us all and Carrizal getting a hung jury with all the other abject shit, they can’t get over it.

They can’t get over it, and we’re too stupid to know it.

They are so angry and so after the biker gangs that what Scott did was like a “self fulfilling prophecy”, he wrote the scenario, yucked it up with Allovio and somewhat set about to make it happen.

His “if that were my girl, I’d put one in his dome” exclamation was pretty convincing, and here he is the Veteran hero. He set a tone for Sutton and if you remember your mother warning you about “bad companions”, well, this kind of “brother” is what she was talking about.

In the videos, he’s hugging Sutton, he calls him, “brother”, and they all say, “I love you” to one another to an uncomfortable extent in my book.

Scott is so good in his undercover “role” it’s strange that they call Sutton, “Hollywood”, Scott gets Sutton to in effect drink the Kool Aid.

Don’t get me wrong, Sutton, well, Sutton, in effect is guilty, he takes the ball and runs with it, suggesting scenarios, but, hey, Sutton also doesn’t want to kill Beaudin NOW, he wants to wait until July.

Sutton is guilty, he’s really guilty of felony stupid, BUT, I really don’t like this lying, convenient tape recording, or whoops, no tape recording on that one, bad films, missing Operation Plans, and at one point Scott’s veil fell under cross from Broden, Scott is just as evil as anyone, he caught himself, but I wasn’t the only one that noticed.

I have mixed feelings about how to tell you about the last few parts of this, the part where Chelsey comes back in, so many emotions and snarky sentences coming into my head.

They confiscated Chelsey Tijerinas phone. They brain drained it and in her phone Sutton had two different phone numbers and names in her contacts.

The cops found where there had been texts between Sutton and Chelsey Tijerina they could see where those texts happened and when, but, they couldn’t see the texts.

Chelsey had erased all the texts.

Suddenly, the smartest lawyer in the room was no longer Broden for a few moments, the smartest was indeed, sadly, Chelsey.

I think we need, or at least I do, I need to stop and feel really terrible that this smart lawyer, today the smartest one in the room in death, ever got mixed up with the OTHER TWO LAWYERS that totally did nothing to improve her life, Sutton and Beaudin.

The Prosecution played a video of Sutton’s interrogation at the police department, Ranger Jake Burson was there, wearing a hat indoors as per usual, what the hell is with that?

They are very professional and Sutton is quiet, drinks water, looks good and doesn’t say much at all. They bullshit him that they’ve got Chelsey and she’s telling them stuff, but Sutton sits there and is stoic, neither angry, nor scared, nor trying to act surprised or not surprised, he’s good.

Then, the State rested and it was time for the Defense.

Broden gets up and puts up a Stipulation, which is signed by the prosecution and that stipulation is that Marcus Beaudin was never warned about being in danger.

South Bosque Tommy pops a cough drop and we settle in for a long afternoon.

Surprise, Broden announces, “The Defense Rests”.

South Bosque Tommy mouths, “Oh, shit”, at me and we stared at eachother in amazement, everyone was surprised.

Sutton didn’t have to testify because that film of him being interrogated was good, the jury saw him, heard him, and the State of Texas couldn’t cross examine him.



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