Notice no body cam footage of the cops shooting the dog FOUR times and horribly wounding the poor thing, hopefully, the Railroad Police will send me their body cam footage. What total bullshit. Of course, it’s the CITY OF WACO, no surprise there, they want to cover up everything and make people think this is the wonder city of the Gaines’ where everything is fine just fine.

DOG DEFIES FOUR BULLETS FROM IDIOT WACO PD GUN HAPPY IDIOTS | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (immadtooharry.com)


  1. What a total piece of shit lie! This dog has Not once shown aggression in this house while fostering her after life saving surgery. Yes, she will bark, but stops and wags her tail. Yes, she growls at an unknown person, until spoken to, then wags her tail! In fact, this dog cowers more than anything, and is resistant to confrontations at all whether it’s human or other dogs! She’s very submissive, knows all basic commands and is nothing but a total love bug showering you with kisses! Play fetch and she’s your girl to the end! There is Not One Iota of aggression in this girl! This Survivor will be a blessing to any home once up for adoption. They wanted her dead, and she survived! Her story is not done, and she does have attorneys representing her. Lying ass bastards! That whole damn incident is a lie. Four holes for two bullets? Not stupid- and neither is the forensic exam done on her during surgery to clean out 3” holes throughout her body that the city left open to rot for two weeks while trying to hide her- except I wouldn’t let that happen!

  2. And for add on to these bogus reports- officer shot without being provoked by several eyewitnesses there that I spoke to personally that evening. Animal control was Not called out. Officer did Not follow a blood trail- he turned and walked away casually. He shot the dog as it was Sitting between her Owner and a friend on the other side of her. It was reckless endangerment at its finest! The homeless people found the dog and carried her for help, being turned away and gawked at, until I found them. I took the dog for help, not animal control. Once inside intake, our precious PD onsight, who now runs the shelter, has called investigators and city in and it was Immediately ORDERED Not to report this shooting! COVER UP!!!! We were Still There Onsight as they did this!

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