I knew it! I just knew this guy had to be a jury selection expert. He was not behind the barrier separating the Judge and attorneys from the rest of the room, no, he was in the front. He was there with his cute bow tie and the way he “took in” the prospective jurors was curious and he was by far the most fun to watch of them all. He has a “presence”, of course, he’s there in the front and had not one but TWO assistants filling out papers as Juror #1 said this, or Juror #55 made a joke.

Biography – Strike For Cause

Robert Swafford is the founder and owner of Strike for Cause Jury Consulting, as well as the creator of the Strike for Cause Method of Jury Selection. Robert attended Baylor University where he received his B.A. in Economics and his J.D. from Baylor Law School. He has extensive training in powerful listening and effective speaking, as well as expertise in the field of ontology. Ontology provides the foundation for the Strike for Cause system.

Seminar Work

Mr. Swafford has lectured on the subject of effective Voir Dire at seminars sponsored by the State Bar of Texas, Texas Trial Lawyers’ Association, and numerous other local bar associations. He has conducted in-house seminars for law firms such as Baker Botts; Scott, Douglass & McConnico; Jackson Walker; Brown McCarroll; and Heygood, Orr, Reyes & Bartolomei. Mr. Swafford regularly speaks at the Baylor Law School Practice Court program on the Strike for Cause method of jury selection.

He is also an attorney and does criminal law.

Well, well, he’s got a jury selection expert and criminal attorney in Swafford and Clint Broden, just about the best criminal attorney around.

Dallas TX Criminal Defense Lawyers – Broden & Mickelsen, LLP (

Mr. Broden is the man on the left.

One thing is for sure, Seth Sutton has an excellent defense team, and it only takes ONE juror to really mess things up for the prosecution.

It’s going to come down for me to whether or not the undercover cop comes off well or as an assHYou know.

Well, I’m back to shaking my head now, I got myself temporarily excited, now I’m remembering the hand drawn map they drew to kill Beaudin.

So happy not to sit on judgment on this.

You know I have to remember when Vic was acquitted in Austin years ago and how we picked up our son in Taylor and drove to Waco thinking everything would be better now that he was found “not guilty” in Federal Court by a jury.

It wasn’t. We were never the same and our son never recovered.

I am going to try to keep to the humor and the great opportunity to see these incredible NOT FROM HERE lawyers and Judge Not From Here Either.

I’m pretty sure I’ll go one way one day, then the other, but I can be fair and I am sure this jury can be fair also, and that’s the way it should be persuasive and that which makes one stop and ponder.

Not a lightweight in the group, the consequences for this are so great I don’t want to look.


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