Harry keeps just sitting here wondering when the hell everyone decides it’s time to just get down right MAD at the lack of leadership and absolute uneven playing field there is here. If you are poor, or a woman, or a pet, it’s open season on you.

If you speak out, RETRIBUTION.

Waco PD was very impressive when it came to shooting bikers during TWIN PEAKS. Seemed to me they were top marksmen that day.

However, yesterday, after shooting a dog once, they wound up shooting it four more times AND were very disappointed that it lived. Rescued by someone who couldn’t stand the sight of the dying bleeding dog and the two homeless people trying to save her. Dicorte ran into action at seeing the heartbreaking sight and the dog has made it and a fund will be set up to help save her life and beyond.

What the actual fuck already with Waco PD and shooting dogs?

Oh, they’re always in the “right”, always, ask them.

I would think it’d be a bit embarrassing for our Police Chief, Chief Victorian, but, since I’m not sure she even exists and all the promises and bullshit on her page about “writing you back” and send me your complaints, go unnoticed, which is “fine just fine” with the City of Waco that lives in the Magnolia Bubble and gives the cops one hell of a lot of freedom and won’t answer questions from the public regarding their more than “unusual” habits of turning on body cams, turning them off, at will. They also lied to KWTX about what happened. Saying the dog charged them, this, is untrue, and there are videos, which, of course, I have sent off for, to see what the hell they did this time.

Wake up, folks. If you are NO ONE or a pet, you’re just screwed here, you are also just collateral damage if you’re a woman here these days, seems our powers that be no longer have to get an autopsy on people and just “gauge” what happened, get a JP to sign off on it.

Fish Face Pete Petersen comes to mind, he’s the one that wrote that Mike McNamara died at the Bellmead Walmart. Wrong.

They can choose who goes to Dallas Forensics, and just make up a story to fit their feelings.

Wonder if the PD turned off their body cams AGAIN?????

Who do we turn that “in” to? The nonexistent Chief Victorian?

City Council, Mayor?

They have surrounded all the decent people, all the people who “have to make a living in this town” and everyone, yes, EVERYONE knows if you cross them, PD, Sheriff, Courthouse cronies etc., they will come after you, or your kids, makes them no difference.

Voting them OUT is all we have.

As far as Chief Victorian, maybe her retirement will hit and we’ll get lucky to maybe just maybe have someone with some gawddamned common sense and balls.

Anyone wanting to grow a pair, and have a candlelight vigil for the pets of this county, please let me know.

Dog killers, christonacupcakewhatthe fuck.


Waco police officer shoots dog near homeless camp (

By Joe Ashley and Madison HerberPublished: Jul. 26, 2023 at 5:11 PM CDT|Updated: 17 hours agoWACO, Texas (KWTX) – A Waco Police Department officer shot a dog near a homeless encampment, police said.It happened on July 26 at around noon as police officers were helping Union Pacific Police with a homeless encampment near Franklin Avenue.KWTX has learned the railroad company is concerned about people camping too close or on the tracks.While there, a dog charged a WPD officer and one round was fired at the animal, according to a police spokesperson..Police said the dog ran away and was later taken by the Animal Control Unit. “It received care and is expected to live,” police said, adding the dog is now with The Humane Society of Central Texas.The dog is not microchipped so there is no owner on file, according to WPD.Witnesses at the scene disputed the police department’s version of events, telling KWTX the dog was shot more than once and that it was a group of people, not animal control, that sought help for the wounded animal.Melissa Ewings, her mother, and Michael Vorsand said that they were collecting their belongings so they could move out of the area when police arrived, when they heard gunshots. They then noticed their friend’s dog, a pitbull named Bullet, running away. They found the dog about an hour later, picked her up and started walking her to the nearest place that may be able to offer help.The group walked Bullet to Petsmart, but were told that the animal clinic there was unable to help. They walked into the parking lot, distraught, trying to figure out what to do next when they crossed paths with Lorrie DiCorte.DiCorte immediately jumped into action, loaded all of them into her car and called her vet. They also were not able to help, so DiCorte took Bullet to the Waco Animal Shelter Clinic.Ewings and Vorsand say if it wasn’t for DiCorte, Bullet may have not survived.“I’m walking away thinking, I don’t know what else to do but go find somebody. And then my mom and them were screaming at me to come back and said ‘this lady is going to help you.’ She called her vet and they couldn’t take her but the hospital took her,” Ewings explains, “While we were still there with Lorrie, he came out and said she was going to be okay. He said she is one lucky dog because it was five gunshot wounds and only hit soft tissue and not any organs.”DiCorte helped put them up in a motel and is working to raise funds so that they can care for themselves and Bullet while she recovers. If you would like to help, you can call the Motel 6 off the I-35 frontage road in Waco and place a donation towards their stay by just telling the motel you are helping the people staying in room 129.Copyright 2023, KWTX. All rights reserved.


  1. The ones shooting the dogs are eyeing positions with ATF.

    Waco’s diversity hire of a chief is worthless

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