(4) Sheryl D. Victorian (@sd_victorian) / Twitter

Click on the blue and Tweet the Chief, please share this with all your friends, this story is gut wrenching, take your town back for crying out loud.

Let’s all TWEET Chief Victorian, I just did, I asked her to please show some leadership and ask her troops to stop killing pets. I also asked her to get them to LEAVE THEIR BODY CAMS ON, instead of turning them off at will when it might lead to some inconvenient activity. Yes, they turn them off and on.

Tweet the Chief hit the blue link below and tell her to grow a gawddamned pair.

Just another blah blah bullshit artist.

Come on.

Dog killers.


(4) Sheryl D. Victorian (@sd_victorian) / Twitter

2 thoughts on “TWEET THE CHIEF

  1. She came from Houston what did you expect?

    Ask her about the Tuttles, watch her run away like a mouse.

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