Received a comment from a Reader today, and you know who you are.

Yes, my son died in a hotel of a drug overdose and how would I feel, on and on about the Sheriff’s son in law dying where he shouldn’t and yes, I wrote about it.

Okay, I aready told you and everyone else, I’m not a nice person, I don’t PRETEND to be one, and I’m not running for office.

My son died in MEXICO and, they autopsied him in Mexico. Hello? Because he didn’t die at home or in a hospital, strangely reminiscent of Texas criteria.

YOU have a choice what you read. You can read me or not, and I really don’t care. A lot of people don’t like fur but wearing fur coats still exists and is big business so, read if you want, and don’t read it if you find me so incredibly offensive. Join the club.

My son was loved, he was also grown. There is nothing YOU can accuse me of that I haven’t had a long time to examine, Greg was my only relative on this earth. He was, however, grown. He was 37 years old, he had choices.

Calling me “crazy” is just boring. Men call women crazy all the time, who really cares? I’m not anywhere bothering anyone or half naked in a Walmart so “crazy” well, what really does that mean anymore? Or ever. Besides, it’s boring.

No, you don’t get to say that shit to me, I don’t know you, and you sure don’t know me.

This isn’t about me. It’s about the inequality of the laws of Texas and how we want a level playing field.

If people get butt hurt and it’s hard for them to stay in their “pink parfait denial” about relationships and where they end, well, sorry, your sense of entitlement might just not extend to the facts. People, my son included, sometimes die in ways too horrible to ever imagine, in ways you have to live with, and so do their children forever. Will Beau’s family get angry with him from time to time, face facts, they will. Do I get angry with my Greg? Yeah, sometimes I do.

Whatever observations about my parenting, well, “fuck you”, and I’m fine with me and sending me some fake name bullshit must make you feel really superior so go be happy.

I am flawed but not as flawed as the public officials we have here and the bullshit.

You think I am crazy, well, the entire “system” here says Johnnie Sharp is sane so, until the scale gets a bit clearer, you can fuck yourself on that one too.

Besides, who are you? Who are you to judge me or anyone?

Anyway, I wrote you back but since your email was not real it got returned and I didn’t want you to go to bed tonight without feeling all superior.

Night night.

Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “ME, YOU, HIM, AND YOU DON’T LIKE IT OR ME

  1. Thanks for this, you made me feel better. I know I hurt them by putting it up there that Beau died in a motel with another woman. Happens. They knew pretty much what button to push on me, but not for long. i forgot to ad that my son became a heroin addict HERE, right here in Waco but………that wasn’t what it was about now was it? Thanks for reading and supporting me. I really hate these pretend goodie goodies, Parnell, ohmygawd, one terrible person. Can’t wait to see what happens next. Thanks for reading me. Thanks for writing me, thanks very much.

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