I’d say dying with another woman would be in the top three.

Oh, we must protect the women from the truth about the wandering McNamara males. Susan Istre was “protected” by Par, well, until Sherre sent her pictures of herself and her lady parts on Mike’s cell phone. Nice. Now we have poor Sheriff’s daughter whose baby daddy died somewhere in Lacy Lakeview with a twenty two year old that was not his wife. He was only fity and the “story” is a drug overdose. We’ll find out as we have Public Info requests out to find out exactly what happened or as best we can with the Sheriff’s powerful cover up in place. Can’t wait to see who the Justice of the Peace on this latest adventure is too.

Let’s all pretend it’s all “fine just fine”, shall we? No matter what.

Sheriff, dear Sheriff, don’t you see that YOU create the spin by lying and getting your cronies to help you?


Harry readers aren’t stupid and people are tired of the cheating men of the McNamara family either dying with unsanctioned females and ole Par trying to cover it up like a good Christian. What an idiot. You’d think he’dve learned from when he and Cody moved Mike’s body. What the hell doesn it take?

If a person dies and is with someone other than their significant other, that is a questionable death. Period. No exceptions. Well, no exceptions except in McLennan County. The real problem with people turning up dead on a grassy knoll or motel room is that if they can cover it up, it will not be long until they figure out this is a pretty good way to make people disappear. With a cabal in place to cover up deaths, how long will it be before there are more deaths. Who needs a train station when you have accomplices like this crew?

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