Oh, you gotta love this. Looks like they’ve been told to write good news about the jail without arguing that Erin’s nickname “knee pads” is wrong. Where’s your moral outrage that Erin is accused of having sex with the boss? You have none because it’s true. You’re pathetic.

This one really is kind of strange, because Independent doesn’t tell us HOW Erin Spruiell SKIPPED being a Sgt. and went from Corporal to Lieutenant. Uh oh.

Also, this is such a great rah rah but Independent also forgot to tell us that Erin Spruiell and Richard Conoley are innocent of having an AFFAIR.

Hiring new jailers that were FIRED and cannot find a job anywhere else is also a problem, but it all is about SCREWING YOUR WAY TO THE TOP, or at least to Lieutenant. Remember when convicts escaped from a State Jail a while back, well, the ones that let the inmates go, the incompetents are NOW WORKING HERE at the jail. Get real.

Guess you missed that part in here.

Tell us about the sex part, come on. Until you explain that and the promotions, this is just another made up attenpt at b.s.

You are enabling the same treatment you claim to be speaking out against, how does that work?

Are you daft? I’m speaking out about Erin and Richard having a love affair, but, you knew that.

ERIN AND CONOLEY are having an affair and the entire world thinks that’s why she skipped from Corp. to Lt.

Bite me.


A MESSAGE TO THE RETIRING MCSO OFFICERS AND JAILERS FROM ERIN SPRUIELLAvatarIndependent3m agoAs a long time employee at the jail,who has worked under multiple administrations I would like to say this.
The jail has a culture right now of immature, undereducated, and unexperienced officers soley as a result of the hiring age, and lack of interest in law enforcement as a whole.
Lt. Spruell is one of good ones regardless of what some may believe. Most dont know shes paid out of her very own pocket for two entire shifts, both jails to eat during officer appreciation week. She has volunteered countless hours of her time to mentir, tutor, provide study material to help ensure the success of the cadets at the academy.
She has watched employees children on her off days so that they could work when they didnt have support or day care.
She answeres text messages from officers with questions throughout the day and night. She genuinely cares about the system, the people both employees and inmates, and has been drug through the mu even by the last administration for speaking up about legitimate liability issues that were founded.
I return to work eachday with the intent to stand bye and protect my fellow employees, to ensure they get home at night.
The change of the new administration was stressful to start, but to see that change taking shape, to watch the vision of Captain Conley, and Captain Evans come together, I can say I feel better about the decision to stay everyday.
Lt.Spruiell is a position that I myself have heard others say, they would never do. Her job is to find problems, flaws, and identify the ones creating them.
Thank god, she is not there as a social call.
The old administration had an opportunity to make change whole they were there and they did. Sometimes employees didnt understand or agree, so they too, good some great decided to part ways. Armstrong, Anderson, and Garrett made the same decision together. If its a regretted decision, it was their own.
Lastly, Captain Conley, Captain Evans, Lt. Spruiell, Lt Reeves. and a few others make a difference. The willingness to come out, talk with us, ask us hard questions and discuss solutions make us feel valued.
You are enabling the same treatment you claim to be speaking out against, how does that work?


  1. Independent is nothing but a Follower, afraid to stand up against the machine because of the “golden handcuffs”.

    In the 40’s world would have made a great Nazi, just following orders.

    As for free lunches give me her salary and I’ll buy pizza every Friday, every government agency has it suck ups, always has and always will.

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