Before I could even put this comment from Buford up, sure enough we had our first piece taking up for Erin Spruiell and Richard Conoley at the jail. Conoley has had TWO sexual harrassmet complaints turned in to the Brain Dead folks over at HR.


A MESSAGE TO THE RETIRING MCSO OFFICERS AND JAILERS FROM ERIN SPRUIELL | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (

16h ago

I wondered how long it would take for SO employees to start being “encouraged” to post supportive content on their social media.
I believe she’s telling the truth though. If I were her, I would also forward to never having to face all the stuff she’s done to get where she is.
Those can’t be pleasant memories.


  1. Not sure why in the hell we have HR, worthless as a Taco Bell shit.

    Cali Sunshine has his favorites, every one laughs at Evens side piece dumb as a rock and maybe good for one thing.

    “Meg” good for one thing till age takes its toll, Sunshine popping pills might end up like Mike, we can only hope.

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