Don’t get me started on these fools. CPS. Child Protective Services, what a joke. I called them TWICE in my life. the last time was when I lived in an apt complex on 21st. and had a two year old and a four year old hand me notes that said “HELP ME”. The four year old brother had learned how to write that along with writing HELP ME in spit on their windows. The mother would just leave three kids at home alone, the oldest was four. CPS managed to do nothing AND somehow let the mother know that it was me and several other women at the complex. All hell ensued so I decided right then, no more CPS just a bunch of idiots driving BMW’s. Shame on you all

When you see Vic start to speak he gets “the look”, that is where his usually calm demeanor has a “tell” that it ain’t calm. His brown eyes sort of get this orange glow of pissed off fire.

They took her kids, took her baby and let that baby die.

Good work.


“They killed my baby”: Central Texas mother opens up after son dies in DFPS custody (kwtx.com)

“They killed my baby”: Central Texas mother opens up after son dies in DFPS custody

Leah Joseph says her 2-year-old son died overnight at Garden of Hope foster home in Harker Heights

This ad will end in 28 secondsSkiphttps://imasdk.googleapis.com/js/core/bridge3.581.0_en.html#goog_934918102By Madison HerberPublished: Jul. 13, 2023 at 11:39 PM CDT|Updated: 7 hours agoHARKER HEIGHTS, Texas (KWTX) – A Central Texas mother of six is opening up for the first time since losing her youngest son while he was in custody with the Department of Family Protective Services.An autopsy revealed that the boy died from Covid-19 and another respiratory infection, his mother says when he was taken two months prior he was as healthy as could be.Now, his family wants answers. So his mother, Leah Joseph, hired an attorney with decades of experience who has sent a settlement demand to the attorney that represents Garden of Hope foster home in Harker Heights.In the demand, they ask that both parties come to an amicable resolution on the wrongful death claim but so far Leah and her attorney say they are getting stonewalled.September 2022 Leah opened her door to police who were there to take her youngest son, two-year-old Panache Petry. Authorities met her other five children to pick them up from school. This all happened because of a call alleging Leah was smoking marijuana.Leah says even though that moment was horrifying, an even bigger nightmare would soon follow.“The cops came to my house, and took the baby from me. 2 months later, he died in CPS custody,” she says.Leah explained what happened during those two months through the eyes of her children, with every story revealing more daunting details about their stay at Garden of Hope.He also told me that all the babies in there were sick with bumps all over their faces, in the same nursery that my baby was in,” she explains what she was told by her teenage son.Through her attorney’s investigation, she found the workers were not checking on the children enough. Her children say they weren’t fed properly and the baby spent time covered in feces.

Vic Feazell has spent decades in law and served as the McLennan County District Attorney, he says this case is appalling.“This is the worst because this was done by people you are supposed to trust,” Feazell says.Leah tells KWTX that how the case ended is worse. She says shortly after her son’s death, DFPS gave her children back to her and closed the case.Her attorney says they are starting the legal process, starting the discovery, and they are adamant about making people answer for what they did.Until that happens, Leah is choosing to remember what made her baby boy so special.“He loved the ninja turtles, at one point I think he thought him and his brothers were ninja turtles,” she says with a smile.lKWTX has reached out to the Department of Family Protective Services and the Texas Human and Health Services, who oversees the foster care facility, and have not heard back.Copyright 2023, KWTX. All rights reserved.

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