I am going to call Hillcrest.

I hope you do too.

Too bad we have no law enforcement and APS has no clue what the hell they’re doing either.

Grow a pair for crying out loud.


Department namePhone number
Marketing/Public Relations254.202.4390

UPDATE ON MY MOM! Share Share Share…

Once again, my mom is back in the hospital but this time at Baylor Scott and White and they aren’t telling me or anybody else anything because of the Justice crime family (Mary, Chad and Jay) and Jimmy Dale. They have either showed them the same invalid/illegal medical POA like they did Providence and Regent Care or they had my mom sign over one of the Justices as new medical POA. I haven’t been revoked by the way, but the hospital won’t even take my call! Baylor Scott and White tells me my mom isn’t there, even though we know for a fact she is there.

ATTN: Baylor Scott and White Hospital

The Justice crime family has been showing a revoked medical POA on my mom since September 2017 to doctors, nurses and hospitals! Come to find out there is a legal investigation going on at Providence right now because of all the doctors, nurses and nursing homes Mary has shown that document to. Did my mom all of the sudden sign a new POA with in the last couple weeks? My mom has been having seizures for over a year and has had dementia diagnoses for years. All you have to do is order the Providence records and you might as well go back to 2012-2013 in Dr. Gary Barbin’s and La Hacienda’s 2017 records which will say the same thing. My mom was taken out of skilled nursing AMA two weeks ago when Mary found out she wasn’t medical POA and now she is back in the hospital only two weeks later. My mom was seen at the Grape drinking wine last week with Mary and Chad even though she had a brain bleed a week before.

I have always been my mom’s medical POA as you can see from the McLennan County records filings until Mary tried to get control of my mom in the spring of 2017 but her control at that time was revoked! Unfortunately my moms PCP Dr Gary Barbin of over 25 years let my mom sign over her HIPAA form to Mary Justice and Jimmy Dale on September 11th 2017 and my moms life has been ruined ever since. There is an open APS investigation going on right now for undue influence and financial exploitation of my mom which you should all know about by now.

When three idiots who have taken 100’s of thousands of dollars from my mom (Mary, Chad and Jay) walk into a hospital with a wealthy older lady with Dementia flashing a new medical POA or a revoked POA and say they are her medical POA instead of her only son then that should be a HUGE BIG RED FLAG!!

I will continue fighting for my mom and I will keep fighting for the TRUTH as I continue exposing these LIARS and CRIMINALS for what they have done to me, my mom and our family!

Mary Justice

Chad Justice

Jay Justice

Jimmy Dale Garner (mom’s brother)

Donna “sugar daddy” Hafley (Jimmy Dale’s wife)

Dr. Gary Barbin (Crooked Dr)

















Baylor Scott & White Health

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

Brian Birdwell

Ken Paxton

Nancy Grace

Waco Police Department

Texas Department of Public Safety

Texas Tribune

Dolcefino Consulting

Pete Sessions

Dateline NBC

McLennan County Adult Probation (yep one is already a convicted felon on felony probation)

48 Hours

KWTX News 10

25 News KXXV

6 News KCEN TV


House Oversight Committee

Baylor University Medical Center, part of Baylor Scott & White Health

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Hillcrest


  1. Doesn’t Texas have a State agency that handles elder abuse?

    Local pussies will not do a damn thing for her.

    1. Well, then we’ll have to humiliate them ourselves, thus my next article about Scotty Ray Handley, another Afterbirth broker. So party on I haven’t done anything really shitty in a while so let me know how you like Scotty Ray. xoxo

    2. Hello. I am going to erase your comment and information after I write this to you. Thank you for writing me. Believe it or not, someone actually did what you said to do, which is rare in my world, probably yours too. I am proud to say I filled out APS’s gawdamn two hour form online. March 31, 2023 I went to McDonald’s with a friend to observe Johnnie Sharp and Mary with two guys eating inside there. They totally ignored Johnnie. Johnnie, well, they weren’t beating her or abusing her, she was like a puppy. Anyway, I took photos and a film. I didn’t think I had enough, BUT, thanks to you I wrote them AND they sent me a case number. They deemed my complaint enough to ask for an investigation. Of course, I am not alone, BUT, Johnnie Sharp is currently in Hillcrest and totally insane. So things may be moving on. I certainly hope so and thank you for encouraging me to do it. I get pretty close to giving up a lot of the time. Thanks for reading me. Thanks. Berni/Harry Storm

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