Listen to Frontier Biologics Stem Cell Mogul Scotty Ray Handley Sing, “Don’t Worry Bout’ Me”, what a guy.

This is Scotty Ray Handley, taking some time off from flying all over the place selling stem cell cream and looking for “donors”, the following comes from their website Home – Frontier Biologics and you can buy 1% of it for 100K if you are aging, a neighbor of the Justices, have cancer, and are unprotected.

So, you’re going to give THIS man 100k for stem cell god knows what.

Obviously a group of idiot chiropractors in Phillly gave them a ton of money, Burnett et al v. Frontier Biologics, LLC et al (, and no one wants to admit that this is CRIMINAL because they just go after the Placenta Partners Civilly because, they just want their money back and run back to wherever they came from happy it wasn’t worse.

Anyway, this is Scotty Ray Handley and people have thrown a lot of money at him.

“Don’t worry about me”, hell, no one will stop these men.


This is from Frontier Biologics Donor Critieria.

All Frontier Biologics donors are voluntary, fully consenting birth mothers who agree to donor monitoring beginning in the first trimester of pregnancy. This screening includes stipulations that must fall within very strict parameters of health before even being considered as a donor.


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