THIS is from a Harry reader this morning.

THIS blows my mind!! There are people in this town , well a family that have alienated a mom from her son, his kids and have used her for her money lots of money, over 200k or more , taken away her ability to talk to her son, lies to her about her son for years and nothing has been done!! The doctor has lied about her condition and it continues to happen! This woman gets arrested (good) but the other situation has been going on for years because our good ol Mclennan County Sheriff’s Office aka Parnell knows these people are taking advantage of her and turns a blind eye cause he’s friends with them. How is this fair? Is this who you want for your McLennan County Sheriff again? Good Ol boy system, turning a blind eye to what the Justices are doing! How about getting real Justice for Johnnie Sharp and other victims! Time for a change! Jeff Aguirre for MCSO

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