Hello Chad, nice to finally meet you online. I don’t know if you knew this but your brother, Jay and I were buds during the year of the Jeep Rally in McGregor to draw awareness for Teen Suicide. Jay got the dirty pictures and texts, just like I, and 13 other people got. Jay also went to ole Par about it at the S,O and Jay wasn’t happy that Par and his boys didn’t do anything about it either. Jay and I texted back and forth for about two years, the last time was in 2018 when I lived in Hutto. In that text, which I gave to Brad Sharp, last week in its entirety, Jay told me that YOU were the bagman and took an envelope with a check in it to Abel to get a DWI “taken care of”. Yep. Sure did. Brad has that now and I am so happy that you think I am “slandering” you, please do, at least 13 people went to the FBI during that time including myself to talk to them about Abel and his kickback “network”. A network that ended with the election of Barry Johnson.

Say what you want there was NEVER an allegation of dishonesty or “good ole boy” bullshit against him. Tetens? We don’t know yet, but he’s Par’s “boy” for sure.

The use of the word “Slander” is a legal one, if you were merely angry, you’d call me a “liar”, but you want to sue me, and you think I’m scared.

By the way, I went to McDonald’s and filmed Mother Mary, two random guys, and poor, silent Johnnie. The three had a big talk, lots of fun, coffee, biscuits, and Johnnie, well, she just sat there. She never talked because no one talked to her or even acknowledged her existence. When everyone left, she followed Mary like a puppy five paces behind and tried in vain to light up a cigarette in the windy parking lot. It’s the only time your mom talked to her, told her to get in the white SUV.

Oh, and SHE paid for Cruella DeVille Mary Justice and the two guys. THAT I have too recorded.

YOU and your cronies, a lot of whom have airplanes interestingly enough, have a NON FDA APPROVED Stem Cell operation going on, you buy placentas, and you have a subsidiary in MEXICO CITY. Well, well. I don’t know if you knew this, but, I lived in Mexico for ten years, and I know how very easy it is to pay to get what you want. IF, for example, you are a pregnant teenager, believe me, in Mexico there is no shortage, and some “gringo” and your doctor ask if you want a Caesarean, for “x” amount of money, there’s just no problem. Poor people sell their organs in Mexico. If a person had a nice airplane, a cooler and some dry ice, it would be nothing to fly to Mexico City for a good lunch and some nice fresh placentas, just sayin’. Seems the whole group has a “history” of visiting Mexico, and hey, me too, so try me.

Sue me and you will learn the names of the FDA investigators I have and am talking with, they are all over you, other agencies too. Federal, nothing here. HERE because you filter money to the Big Man, Par, via campaign contributions, it doesn’t matter what you do at the Big Red Bottling Company and Placenta Processing plant. Nope. Par can’t keep money, and like a lot of old people, wants to live forever, hell, he’s building a house, he is so daft he actually thinks HE is going to live forever.

Please sue me. I have a file on you like you wouldn’t believe. I also am very interested in you calling your brother a liar after HE told me about you and Donald Sharp bribing Abel, sounds like my kind of party. How will you handle that?

You and your family are not relations of Johnnie Sharp. You want to say that the Sharps invested money in Brad and he lost money, twenty years ago and THAT made Johnnie not love him anymore. What kind of idiots are you?

How much money do you think I would give to have one hour again with my son? Everything.

YOU are being investigated, YOU are being looked at by several different agencies. None of them give a rat’s ass to have vanity lights put on their vehicles, that won’t save you. Only Parnell, who clings to the memory of his womanizing and loves that attention even if it is an expensive rotating color wheel of light under a car when he gets out.

Eveyrone’s grandpa needs one of those.

Every day more and more people see you for what you are.

Brad Sharp is a good son, no drugs, not an alcoholic, no criminal record, unlike the Justices. Let’s all remember Jay is on felony probation for holding an automatic weapon to the throat of a, then, 14 year old black boy.

John Jay Justice v. The State of Texas Appeal from 19th District Court of McLennan County :: 2019 :: Texas Court of Appeals, Tenth District Decisions :: Texas Case Law :: Texas Law :: US Law :: Justia

Who the actual fk do YOU think you are?

Find a lawyer, you fool, you can’t. No lawyer is going to sue me, ask David Littlewood, ask Par, there is nothing YOU or they can sue me for, AND, even if you did, it’d be futile as I am 75 and live on a fixed income of Social Security.

Unlike you, I’m not stupid.

Unlike you, I can live on what I have and not steal from someone else’s mama.

Please sue me, the thought of MY lawyer deposing you and brother Chad about bribing Abel is so delicious, bring it.

You and your family just BUY new stuff, you trash your house, Jay pays no child support, and you want people HERE to think you are somebody.

You’re nothing but a fat fk, in a crime family, and your luck will run out soon.

Please go piss up a rope, fat boy.



  1. I don’t know who this person, but God Bless America for him! Ladies and Gents, get the popcorn out because the garage door button has been pressed, and the circus is Finally starting for those clowns!
    We have to give this tenacious lady here a lot of credit for Never backing down on exposing liars and thieves!

    1. How these people can keep a straight face is beyond me. Stem cell cream at the Big Red Bottling Company. What does it take. The Justices grew up with the McNamara sisters, these folks go back thirty or more years. Now they have hit the big time with Sawyer and the wife swappers, it’s insane, they’re getting sued, how long you recon this crazy shit is going to stay quiet? Par can kiss the money he got from the Frontier Biologics people as that money if received by fraud will have to be paid back. They’re greedy, it’s amazing. Remember, Par cannot “log on”, truly that stupid. They think we’re all fools. I, at least, read, these idiots don’t read shit. They’re too busy trashing everything they touch. They leave a trail, Public Information, they are being strangled by their own records and are too stupid to stop. We have no bodycams and that’s okay with people because it’s Parnell. It’s ridiculous. Fuck these people. they insult everyone’s intelligence. Gawddamn bank loans for 2 percent, 815K loan to an aging Sheriff? Get real. Little banks, unregulated. OH, and under TRUMP the FDA was not able to do a thing. Frontier biologics got big under Trump, NOW the FDA will kick your ass. This is true, their own gawddamn website is amazing. They are buying and selling placentas, most likely from god knows what in Mexico. Nice. Hey, thanks for reading and writing me. Some days truly suck, I just can’t believe how stupid they are yet succeed.

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