Cody Blossman’s descent into corruption began a good while back. His daddy was a Secret Service agent under one of the Bush Presidents. THEN, after retirement Daddy Blossman goes to work for George Jr. at the Ranch, head of security or some high position.

Naturally, since all law enforcement sticks together, Par was way up Daddy Blossman’s ass, takes a lot to impress Par and he was all over it, and gave Secret Service agent Blossman’s baby boy a job.

Blossman wasn’t the brightest bulb in the pack, but as the mother of a deceased young, handsome, wild, son, I know even the best of them can screw up. Cody screwed up, he walked through Security at the Dallas Ft. Worth airport with a gun, I think in his bag, got caught. SO, his Secret Service Daddy got him out of it.

Ask me how I know this is a fact, I dare you. It’s a fact.

We all know they do it, and, frankly, I’m not that upset about Cody forgetting the gun, the cover up is always where they fk up. Ask any WATERGATE finatic.

After talking with Susan Istre, Mike McNamara’s 20 year faithful girlfriend, she missed all the markings of Cody trying to tell her the truth about what happened with Mike, because that day, it’s my belief, Cody was some freaked out.

Cody Blossman gave Susan Istre Mike McNamara’s work phone, naked Sherre pics were the first things she pulled up. Fact.

Cody wanted to talk to Susan, even the night he brought her Mike’s truck and boots. She wasn’t up for it.

Cody told medical personnel what happened with Mike and Sherre Johnston. I have people who were there and he told them the whole sorted story.

People know WHERE Par was when he got the call from Sherre and no amount of threatening, yes, he threatened them, so did Charwitch, and, then, of course, there’s the 911 tape that Charlotte McNamara told ME she had never listened to and wouldn’t.

To which I said, “then we have nothing to talk about”, and blocked her number. They wanted ME to go to lunch at the Sheriff’s dept., and have a “talk” with me about Mike.

SHERRE JOHNSTON THE 911 CALL | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (

PARNELL owns people.

Tommy Witherspoon, oh, Par owns him and KWTX. Gordon Collier’s son is in trouble, has a pending case at the DA’s office, Par testified FOR Tommy when the ATF widows sued him and the paper after the Davidian thing, and conveniently, Par “lost” his notes. Hello.

TOMMY WITHERSPOON, DAVIDIAN CONNECTION, BITTER SCAPEGOAT | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (

Parnell owns everyone who got jacked off at the various Rub and Tugs.

He says he gave the cases to the DA.

Well, Barry never got them, AND Barry Johnson told me, as he will tell you, “those cases never made it to my office”, say what you want the man is honest, no question.

Chris couldn’t be the BIG DAWG, not with the constant swirling rumor that the Feds are going to arrest them for that HUGE amount of money from Weber Construction, TxDot, and the Feds for the proven DOUBLEDIPPING.

We have also had confirmation from yet another source that indeed “the Rangers have an open case against Rebecca”, well, that means Chris and the rest of them too. Whatever the words, “open case” means to the disappointing Texas Rangers. Viva Uvalde.

I mean, WE dumped the proof on them, what more do you need, they got a case in a box and are just sitting on it. True.

Back to Cody, no one likes him, face it, he’s the Christina Kelinske Barnum of the SO.

He didn’t really want to be the “fair haired boy” (accomplice) but it happened and now what’s he going to do? He has Daddy Secret Service Daddy who wants him to follow in his footsteps, gag me here, AND Parnell who unfortunately just sired irresponsible daughters.

“The degenerate offspring of an illustrious sire”, comes to mind.

Guess Parnell forgot that people are going to be asking Cody Blossman what moving Mike’s body was like.

Well, we’re not going to let that happen.

All this plays out while they think we’re all stupid.

Let these puffed up old men, WE’VE created, know it’s gone too far.

Ask Cody for the truth. You wanna be the big Sheriff? Tell the fucking truth about Sherre Johnston and YOUR part in moving Mike McNamara’s dead or dying brothers.

Tired of you all thinking we’re fools.



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