Jaba the Banker, David Lacy, got embarrassed a while back. His Board Members and customers found out he had loaned over $800K to Parnell McNamara at 2%. Only 2% loan in the bank. Susan Kelly has one for 3% by the way, only one at 3% in the bank. Ain’t that nice? Anyway, the loan was online and it was fun watching David Lacy renew it over and over again because Par doesn’t have pissdrip and everyone knows it and the rumor about Par just kinda losing that Rub and Tug case where it was reported that “many bankers” were getting wankered and that was all in the days of Abel and Par when the money flowed and cases just disappeared that were against bankers and a few fine members of Antioch Baptist Church, Barbecuers, and fathers of tv people.

Aaah, rumors, right?

Well, try to find that pesky loan fat boy made to the aging Par, it’s just missing too, just like the Rub and Tug cases.


NOW, Par and David Lacy don’t seem as “tight” as Par and The Man in Black, David Littlewood. Littlewood loaned Par 90K for the old McNamara place a new roof. Hmm, isn’t that property collateral somewhere or am I just dreaming? Help me out David Lacy. Put me in my place and put the disposition of the loan online again.

AAAAAh, these little locally owned banks and the people THEY own and they don’t have to report very much which makes them generational king makers.

Come on David, the people out there paying high interest rates want to know.

Hell, I want to know.

Where’s the McNamara loan these days, David?

If you see this man, ask him.

They are financing a 77 year old man, and a crumbling mansion in Bosqueville that has to be torn down, which we could have told you when you loaned him the 90K plus for the roof, now Littlewood has loaned Parnell another 250K.

Par got a rumored 500K from the Afterbirth Brothers and their wife swapping flying to Mexico buddies, and old sick people who are being told that some kind of who knows what afterbirth injectable crap is going to make them young and well again.

What the actual fuck.

We have a District Clerk’s office 10,000 cases behind in uploading, a DA’s office celebrating the 80th. birthday of one of their assistants who doesn’t want to go home to his wife, Judges who may or may not show up, and may just ask to “smell your hair”, County Judge whose brother in law Irwin gets all the best Contracting jobs, a Sheriff who can’t have body cams because his main squeeze and assistant brother mover is in prison.

NOW we have Cody Blossman, who got corrupted totally September 2 2015 when Mike MC died in the crotch of Sherre Johnston, well, why not everything else is up there.

Par has paid back Blossman for his “loyalty”, and is next in line when Par passes the torch and goes home to live with Char at the new place. That sleeping on a cot in the other spot, not zoned residential, sucks it.

Yeah, Cody just wandered up to the motel and helped Parnell and Sherre move Mike’s body.

That’s another story, back to David Lacy.

Ask David Lacy to please make that loan public online like a good boy again.

Maybe he just forgot?

Ask this mfkr.


DAVID LACY DOUBLES DOWN ON 2% | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (immadtooharry.com)


    1. Online, but now if they ask it to be private, in other words at the courthouse, they can get it taken down. I think this is what Par Baby did, because I do not think he paid it. I will go to the Courthouse soon and see if he’s paid a dime on it. I don’t know how he can get loans from TFNB when I THINK the place is collateral with Lacy. 2% loan, ain’t that something. No, nothing’s wrong here, nothing at all. I’ll go to the Courthouse soon, I’m dying to know what has happened. So wrong. Thanks for reading.

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