Here’s the video of the back of the Sheriff’s car. Sherre gets put in the car handcuffed, that doesn’t last long. Watch that left hand come out. Watch it slowly go into her panties, pull out a snub nose revolver, THEN, she searches for a place to hide it. She also appears to be wiping it down. The videos are long so I had to cut them into two, Part 1 you see her pull it out. Part 2 you see a really good shot of the gun and she hides it.

This woman is a criminal. Every person in this county should be highly angry that the Sheriff’s girlfriend has LEARNED so many tricks and gotten away with so very much.

She had the gun in her panties, for crying out loud, what kind of warehouse is that thing????



  1. I’m sure it echoes down there, so with that said a deputy gets fired because of her games?

    She’s pathetic.

  2. I’m highly angered!! Criminal!!
    Where are the charges for this gun, escape…ect.???
    Where are the BODY CAMS Parnell McNamara??

    1. Please share my blog with your friends. The recent videos have really opened up some eyes and we truly need someone who is younger and more honest. Par is not a leader. HE created Sherre Johnston, help us get the word out about what they really are. Thank you for reading.

    1. The woman made my life a nightmare for years and years. She threatened me, in writing, and I went to the police and SO. HA! Parnell created this mess. Letting her go over and over again, special treatment in the jail. NOTHING prepared her for PLANE, TEXAS, she walked into prison thinking she was special just like here, bet life is really tough in there. She terrorizes people and it’s ok. I finally feel safe, and will be safe until her dumbass gets out.

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