The video is bad, the sound is bad, BUT, if you are interested in the Sheriff’s girlfriend, you’ll be able to watch what I believe is her trying to slip off those handcuffs yet again. The car is not moving, she’s eavesdropping on the deputies talking about her on the outside and while she does that, along with the strange tongue darting and leg shaking, she’s trying to get her hands out of the cuffs again. Take a look, tell me I’m wrong.

Along with that she says she doesn’t drink and doesn’t do drugs, well, we don’t think she’s telling the truth on that either.

Is it Dr. Barbin’s Rx or meth?

You got me.



  1. I’ve waited to see this forever! You think Mrs Sherri PI Houdini would know that cameras are in cop cars ! It has to be the Jesus Meth ! You know the kind that never seems to get you into a mess unti l it does then it doesn’t ! I hope poor Paige moved far far away! What color was sherry.s Motha of the brides dress?

    1. I always thought she just messed with me, boy, was I wrong. I have a whole group of new friends who are no longer afraid of her. ALWAYS with a gun. What does she need a gun for? She NEVER dreamed she’d go to prison, neither did I.

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