This is from Harry Supporter, Brent McCain, who also loves Public Information and letting you know the truth about what on earth is going on with law enforcement in Waco and McLennan County.

Law Enforcement has an excuse for everything they do.

This is heartbreaking, have a listen.

Very sorry to the owners of this dog.

Wake up Chief Victorian, let’s have some leadership, how about it?

More of the same from City of Wacko.


4 thoughts on “WACO PD DOG SHOOTING

  1. Leadership? WTAF are you smoking Harry?

    She’s just a diversity hire, Les, black and from the toilet H-town PD.

    The commanders run WPD, ask any beat cop in Waco.

  2. The police had no business going into the backyard of this home. They had the wrong address, snuck around and jumped the fence to enter the back yard of this home. The dog was just protecting him self and his family from an apparent intruder. After the dog lunged at the officer he responded by shooting him.
    Unless law enforcement had a legal reason to have illegally entered that property’s back yard, like a search warrant, then they are 100% at fault for this tragedy. The officer that shot the dog doesn’t sound very apologetic when I hear him say “I shot the dog”…..
    My heart goes out to this family. I have three dogs and if they had jumped my fence into my back yard and shot and killed one of my dogs I would be in jail right now!
    Shame on the waco police dept for not accepting full responsibility for this tragedy. Instead they want to act like no one is to blame for this. “Wrong address, but the dog lunged at me so I had reason to shoot him” is some bull shit!
    I don’t know what should happen but think they owe this family a public apology and some kind of monetary compensation other than offering to pay the vet bills….
    I just think this was fucked up and it’s the waco police departments fault…..100%

  3. I hope this girl gets A lot of money for this horrendous act! Animals are Not target practice and this dog did exactly as she should have. I will protect my animals at any means necessary, so anyone trespassing onto my property, regardless of who they think are, better understand that. This is Not the first case of just blatantly shooting a persons animal with No rights to do so. Ever hear about the case of the girl in bed who tried to protect her white pittie and begged them not to harm her? Did it any how. There are those that think they’re above their own poop piles.
    Can’t wait to see how this new “chief” tries to explain their mess up on the address call. Feeling real safe today….

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