This is 2017, okay, I have long gray hair now and I probably “think” I look the same, but not being a Narcissist, and not having Sherre around to FILTER my photos, this is as good as it gets, and I feel good.

SHERRE WRITES CONDOLENCES | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (

The part of Sherre Johnston in this photo is being played by Ralph Strother

I feel high school good.

I am not praying for Sherre, I don’t feel bad, I am happy, and I feel vindicaated, so consider this my victory lap.

I also like the way my friend perverted his picture, THIS is a good picture.

Truman Simons, Sherre Johnston and I sat in the den of my friend’s house in Austin on March 2, 2002. She and Truman told me that if I didn’t do something they wanted that ways the end of my friendship. I had also just found out that she and Truman had lied to me about Judy. My friend, and his wife of 20 years. They told me she knew and it was all okay with her and that was a lie. Worse, Truman had let her ride Judy’s horse.

They told me what they would do and I told them what I would do.

Well, I won.

She is one terrible person, she did things to me over the years and I did things back, so did Truman.

When my son was passed out at Vic’s law office Truman found him passed out and kicked him a few times, after Vic asked Truman to go check with him.

So pray for me or whatever you do but nothing and no one is going to rob me of this moment in my life.

My son died and she and Jim Parks called MHMR to come to my house, just for fun.

Well, me too.

I have been vindicated because I put her videos up and people watched them.

Not all of life is pretty, if you have emotions others might say are not good, don’t go for that.

I’m happy I’m free of her.

I can tell you, I’m not alone in that too.

Sherre Johnston did not make me a better person and I’m sure for her it was the same.

The Biker Trial of Jake Carrizal pretty much convinced me that had one thing right, TAKE NO PRISONERS, so after seeing what happened to him and others at the hands of this county, I do not take prisoners. Nope.

I don’t care what you do. (Don’t talk to me about Trump)

Life isn’t always happy, but today, for me it’s meaningful and that’s good enough.

Don’t overthink it.


7 thoughts on “HOW HARRY FEELS TODAY

  1. The work you do is appreciated by many, trust me, we are pussies like Witherspoon and other so call “men”, one reason many won’t attempt to go at the “machine”.

    But time will determine fate of these so called “leaders”, just a title is all it is.

    Harry needs to start doing a blog or videos on all of this, it will reach more people, call the YouTube channel “Mclennen Corruption” and see the subscribers grow, who knows, it might just get the eyes from someone with real power.

    The trash hates you, it means your doing something instead of nothing.

    1. My blog is huge, when the news media find out that YELLOWSTONE is coming here, they’ll google Parnell and the first thing they’ll see is my stuff. All that racist stuff? It’s on. All we can do is humiliate them they’re too stupid to realize how they humiliate themselves. Absolute charicatures of themselves. Laughable. I’m smarter than they are and they can’t stand it. Also, they lie and are deeply in debt. You know. Anyway, let’s poke fun at them, it’s all we got. xoxo means a lot coming from you AC.

  2. Funny, I’ve been reading about all of this all day & went to look at Sherre’s Facebook where I saw a pic of her from last year next to a horse & she hashtagged that she was “all natural” & “makeup” free in the pic so I took a screenshot with the intention of posting it because the caption on the screenshot should say, “Try again, We’ve all seen your 50 Mugshots & this isn’t how you look makeup free or natural!

    1. She uses filters, right down to her teeth, filters. Aging is not fun, not being the pretty young thing isn’t fun I suppose. Happily, I was just, normal, not the best, nor the worst. It’s all an illusion, happy family on and on. MUGSHOTS are pretty doggone real, no good liglhting, no filters. She just wants us to all know she’s prettier, sexier, more Christian and better. Her life in Waco pretty much over. Thanks for reading.

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