Fairly long read with great photos.

KWTX pulled down it’s LORENA WOMAN GOES TO PRISON news story that I scooped them on three days ago. They hate me and I hate them.

So, here’s what happened.

Tommy Witherspoon and I have at least 40 years of hating one another and doing shit to one another. He fucks me as often as he can and I turn around and fuck him too.

Example, he put my son’s picture on the Trib when he got arrested, put up his MUGSHOT, fine, fair, no problem. SO, when HIS son was fired from Reicher to “pursue other things” and I knew he got fired for peeping at the high school girls because he was Reicher Coach, I put his son on my blog.

I’m not nice.

HE’s certainly not nice BUT he likes to pretend he is a good sweet guy, and all fair, just like the rest of these so called Christian lying jackals.

SO, in order to make KWTX do the Sherre story at all I posted MY HARRY STORY on their KWTX facebook page. Because I’m not nice and I scooped them yet again.

THIS caused them to HAVE TO report about SHERRE in spite of Tommy Witherspoon, Tommy OWES Parnell, he owes him big, but that’s another Post I’ll put up because it’s lengthy.

Here’s me messing with them.

TOMMY WITHERSPOON, seen here drinking with Sherre Johnston, and Paw Paw Simons, Sherre’s aged out and juiced for money, at a party.

Nothing like drunks, here you have three. Not to mention that little Sherre already had a big drinking and pill problem, Truman even went and tried to get Barbin to stop giving her Xanas.

SO, Tommy, Sherre and Truman, friends for over forty years.

Let’s talk about the other Badge Bunny Rissa Shaw. Rissa loves the boys in uniform as much as Sherre.

After Sherre was in the jail for putting the Xanax up her cooch and having Truman drive her up to check in the jail, but she was DRUNK, she got out.

She got out and got a phone and found out that Rissa Shaw did a story on her.

Jail officials: Local businesswoman serving DWIs showed up intoxicated with drugs (

Sherre was so pissed off she called KWTX from the car she was going home in and threatened to kick Rissa Shaw’s ass.

This culminated in Rissa filing a COMPLAINT against Sherre, of course, that disappeared, AND KWTX put out a flyer which is below.

They wanted people to call the cops if they saw little Sherre or her Charlotte look alike Jeep. Yes, that way no one can tell if it’s her or Char shacked up or having lunch with Par.

Now, the chickenshits over at KWTX who also has TFNB, your bank for life and David Littlewood at its helm, is one of its biggest advertisers, has taken down a site on their own FACEBOOK about someone who is a menace.

Problem is that THEY never exposed her. Nope.

KWTX kissed Sherre’s ass AND should have pushed to have their own reporter RISSA SHAW protected from her.

Nope. Sherre, a member of Parnell’s posse, is worth more than Rissa’s safety? Nice.

We suspect Par called and whined because I posted ALL of Sherre’s DWI films on KWTX yesterday.

Sure as hell did.

Since Sherre asks for Parnell over and over again, Eubank, and Blossman too, plus showing what a terrible drunk she is, riding in the FRONT SEAT WITH THE COPS, because she’s Parnell’s posse. Get the hell real here.

The 911 call and the DWI videos went all over this town. All over like fire.

See, these pricks have labelled me a “LIAR” for years, but, I’m not.

People now know that KWTX should have reported the truth. They did not before Witherspoon and sure as hell don’t now.

KWTX the Sheriff’s Station and Sherre’s station, fuck the rest of you, including Rissa.

Check out the next post about why Tommy has to suck Par’s dick and does, gladly.

Fuck you KWTX, same to you Tommy, how’s your liver? How’s your alcohol problem going, you Blaze Faced joke of a reporter and husband.



  1. Dump truck known as Rissa, or triple salsa as the MCSO deputies call her is worthless, and these people look in the mirror every morning and see nothing but trash.😂

    1. Notice how they threw out Rissa’s fat ass for Sherre. I saw Rissa in person last November, she’s huge. Lots of makeup, loves those badges, but fat fat fat.

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