March 5, 2020

Well, Sherre Johnston, who worked where Greg Feazell did at Vic’s office has written me to tell me that my son’s death is my fault and that she is wonderful and I’m a terrible person, obviously.

Sherre, you see, has written and told people that my son and I had sex. Yep. THEN she wondered why I was LIVID.  My poor son was not pleased that Sherre was telling people this and, of course, it was not true.

Since Greg has died I have talked to Vic about things that I thought HE allowed, things Sherre and Truman Simons did and said, also saying that Vic, himself had sanctioned.

Sherre, whose xanax up the puss case was handled by the office of Vic Feazell has also written me bragging that Vic’s office represented her as if this meant she was innocent and she did not have xanax up her citywide popular vagina, but she did.

So here we are, this bitch and me again.

She blames me for my son’s death and heroin use, of course, I blame myself, although I am not responsible, he was grown and nothing in my life ever prepared me for what happened.

I am a lot of things, maybe not a “good person”, but I don’t pretend to be.

One things for sure, I have NEVER driven drunk. Nope. I don’t drink. I also could do jail time without putting xanax up my puss.

Just because it was dismissed doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, it just means that the Sheriff’s department probably messed it up on purpose so nothing would happen to the sacred Sherre.


A real Christian this one.


I realize that what I’m about to write will not be published on here. However, if by some miracle it is, I hope it will give someone hope, even though I know the people who read your crap are obviously just as sick as you are.
You have been going after me now for over two years. In your distorted mind, you blame me for Vic having an affair with a blonde, waaaayyyyyy back then. You are obviously bitter and dangerously jealous. You and I have never been friends. I went down to the Feazell mansion over 25 years ago to meet you. Yes, I was very young, sheltered, and impressionable. You have NEVER helped me do anything. My friend, Judge Bill Logue did. Even back then, everyone thought you were sick, and nobody paid any attention to you. My aunt, my mothers sister, my older sister, and the rest of the family warned me not to go around you. You were NOT friends with my mother for 30 years. You were a “fair weather” friend, only concerned with yourself .
If I addressed every single lie and fabrication you have written , I would be writing this all night .

I will respond to your comments about me “hiding” my daughters problems in the past. I never tried to “hide” anything. Like me, my daughter has a testimony that can help others.
Yes, when she was at Baylor, she became involved with Cameron Thompson. She actually thought she could help him. Instead , Cameron and his parents used her, manipulated her, and tried to destroy my family and myself . They are STILL trying to.
Cameron forced a needle in my daughters arm, among other things . I did what I had to do to get her away from him, and his parents. I have no regrets on anything I did to save her life. Cameron is currently in prison AGAIN for the fifth time.
Today, my daughter is completely clean, beautiful and sober. She has her BBA and close to having her MBA.
She completely beat the odds. Do you know why? Because she was dedicated to the Lord when she was born, and we continue giving her to God every day. Evil people like you, can’t have her. You certainly can’t have me either .
Nobody is responsible for Greg’s death, but you.
The fact that you have gone back to writing complete CRAP again, so soon after his death, speaks volumes about you.
Yes, I’m a Christian. I was also born a sinner, just like everyone else. I’m far from perfect. I’ve been to hell and back the last few years. Some of it is because of choices I made, and some of it isn’t.
Today, I am a very thankful, blessed woman. I have no interest in holding grudges or getting vengeance on anyone. That’s not my job. It’s not yours either.
I wouldn’t wish PTSD on anyone. Not even you.
My family is doing well, I have great friends who are loyal like I am. I’m told all of the time, that the light has come back on in my eyes. I was in complete darkness before . I’m just thankful that I’ll NEVER be like you. I don’t have your kind of evil in my heart.
I didn’t call you to make amends. I don’t owe you an apology, because I’ve never done anything to you OR Greg. I only tried to help him. Vic knows it, and deep down inside, so do you.
I called you to “call your bluff” and tell you the “truth” that you keep saying we’re hiding.
You are a bully and a coward. All bullies are sneaky little cowards. You have proven that fact consistently. You don’t want to hear the truth, because it doesn’t coincide with your evil, sick agenda. I truly wish Greg had done what I encouraged him to do. Perhaps things would be different now.
Merry Christmas

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