It got so bad Greg wrote Sherre from Mexico but that didn’t stop her

“Sherre, why are you telling people I had sex with my mother of all things, you know my family and you know that THIS is not true. We all were your friends,  and I have no idea why you are saying this. We worked together for years and if you thought this I don’t know why you didn’t ask, probably because you know it’s bullsh*t………….”

Even a letter from Greg didn’t stop her. Nothing does after all.

Now my only son is gone and Sherre is back accusing him and me of sex together.

I resent this and so did he.

He was my only relative in the world and I would give my life to have him back. I am his mother and have to live with him killing himself with drugs no matter what I did, no matter how many rehabs his dad and I put him in.

We are brokenhearted and now we have Sherre Johnston blaming ME for G’s death after accusing me of sex with my own son.

I am not the first. There are other families, one in particular she has done this to and they are intimidated and very religious so I am not printing their name.

Sherre has the email from Greg, I have a copy, he wrote me incensed that she would write this, after all, she knew him for years and worked for his dad.

Obviously, when you have the blessing of law enforcement and can get off any and all charges even if you are arrested and on KWTX it simply didn’t happen.

If you can say anything worse than accusing someone of sex with their children please let me know.

Guess the bitch didn’t think I’d print it.

Guess that comes from the same place she put the xanax.

Wonder why she doesn’t come after KWTX, hmmm….guess the police report are lies too.




This is my precious Greg Feazell who had to write an ex employee of his dad’s and his mom’s ex friend to tell her to stop writing he had sex with his own mother.

Thank you Sherre, for showing us a real Christian woman and her regard for others, and truth.

Guess now that G’s gone and can’t write you again, all bets are off and it’s sex with your other time in Lorena.





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