The tedious, just not funny ever, McLennan County for Good Government butt hurt fat boys, on FACEBOOK think that I have a new FACEBOOK page, a parody of theirs. Of course, it has to be that doggone Harry Storm, Bernadette Feazell. They don’t seem to have much of an imagination either. They write wild stuff about me and think it bothers me because everyone knows what an upstanding, wonderful, law abiding person I am and always was. Right? No. Unlike the rest of them I don’t pretend to be a big Christian, I’m not, I don’t use God to trump or end a discussion, like Johnny Cochran using the “N” word.

I’m not better than you, or them, I don’t know if they’re going to heaven or hell and don’t much care.

I will tell you that IF they could find one shred of paper on me, they’d bring it. Well, they are pretty lazy but they can use NCIC and other law enforcement data generators to look me up. Nada.

Nada because whatever wild shit I have done in my life, I had sense enough not to do it here. It it didn’t happen in Texas, it didn’t happen.

I don’t need another FACEBOOK page, I’m pretty much the only star my Taylor, Texas Journalism teacher, Miss Mantor ever had. Back when I got 400 hits a week I was happy. Unlike these poor things who aren’t funny and think that people are so stupid they don’t realize that these posts and comments they have about me are somebody’s budy and threats. Veiled and otherwise. Seems everyone wants to sue me because they’re butt hurt.

I have also never hidden who I really am behind the name “Harry Storm”, it’s always been there if you looked, so accusing me of hiding is pretty stupid too but……………..

The statute of limitations on libel and slander are one year.

Doxxing is a two year and that ship sailed in 2020.

The Sherre Johnston thing, well, that is an ongoing saga now isn’t it.

THIS is not what happened to Vic. Some idiot decided to say me going after Par is like WFAA going after Vic. When they went after Vic, they used artists drawings to represent him and his co defendants. When WFAA went after Vic, they had no records.

It was BEFORE computerized records for the most part and there weren’t any, you fool.

They charged Vic with MAIL FRAUD, for envelopes and papers that never were mailed. They had to drop that before going to the jury.

I am not, however, pretending to be your Sheriff for Life, or part of a law enforcement “family” where it would appear anyone can go be a mortician, Par is all for it and will pay for it. Fine. Aim high.

They also decided to bounce Vic Feazell around a bit. He’s his own man. He’s never lost a case in trial so you might want to factor that in when you mess with him. He does a lot of meditation because if he gets pissed off, it ain’t pretty so he tries to hold that down.

Even when he and I didn’t get along, and there was that time, I NEVER, ever, stopped sending clients to him, ever. My boss in Austin had a wreck and I sent him to Vic Feazell.

That you fools is a fact.

He is also funny and you’re just not.

It is sort of curious to me to see grown fat men and one Narcissistic Sheriff just wiggle and scream and lie.

Par has to get everyone to take up for him on how “why would Parnell move his brother’s body in broad daylight”, and other b.s. about the death of Mike Mc.

Had Par just admitted he did it way back there, no one would care, so he moved his brother out of a motel with the Sherre Johnston to not upset the womenfolk etc. Let’s hope Parnell actually thought about John Johnston but, it seems no one does.

The 911 tape cannot and will not go away.

When I wrote to screw Parnell out of a slot in YELLOWSTONE, I sent that clip. There’s no getting around Sherre Johnston on the 911 call so grow the fk up here.

SHERRE JOHNSTON THE 911 CALL | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (

Of course, there is also Sherre telling her buddies that she wished she’dve called 911 first instead of Parnell.

SHERRE JOHNSTON EMAIL: ” I didn’t call 911 immediately”….. | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (

At some point in this upcoming year, LAWYERS will have to decide just how far they’ll go, just how far they’ll let other people go, what they’re comfortable with and what they’re not.

McLennan County Sheriff’s department is the ONLY Sheriff’s department in Texas that does not have body cameras to protect their Sheriff and themselves, let’s not forget the jail.

I’m not supposed to have a problem with that, neither are you.

I write. You read, if you don’t want to read Harry Blog, don’t. My feelings are quite secure, I know who I am, I’m not asking YOU for money or votes.

Instead of having people from New York City write and take up for Par and the Butt Hurt Troop, why not have Par deny moving his brother on tv with questions?

If Par would talk about September 2015 and answer questions, or Sherre Baby for that matter, it would make it all so simple.

Hello, Sheriff, did you move your brother’s body?

Come on.


My blog stats, three people give your “Good Government” a thumbs up, of course, I figure Chris Eubank has to long on at least five times a day because Parnell can’t so there’s that.

They have me blocked so I can’t even see it or comment, however, my blog got 488 comments last year.

Cowardly and stupid.

3 thoughts on “BITE ME

  1. If you want a laugh, just think about how many of those 300k+ views are from a single MCSO Captain. He follows your page religiously.

    In terms of views, he’s most likely your biggest fan.

    1. Bwaaah, you’re right, maybe I shouldn’t feel so cocky. It’s just maddening to me because they don’t realize they’re not funny. They don’t know how to be funny. Sherre Johnston called me “the biggest whore in town”, and I replied, “second”, that’s funny, these idiots don’t get it. They don’t get how hysterical it is that old gapped toothed Eubank butt hurt is a mortician and that MCSO is a “family”, right? They keep trying to save Par from the truth about Mike Mc. Plus, no body cams is going to be a big issue, AND, future lawsuits for him. No body cams. Jeeze Louise. They’re shit is long and whiney They can only drag shit up about me thirty years back or so, even then, there’s nothing because I don’t think I’m all that like they do. Fkng. pitiful.

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