Well, here’s one for the books, someone finally gets a hand job and law enforcement doesn’t have to cover it up.

OR just another difference between men and women, I collect those. Women don’t show each other their junk in the locker room or slap each other’s butts after a touchdown, most of us don’t think fart jokes are funny except for one, you know who you are, girl.

Massage Envy, a name I’ve just never understood in the first place and, who knows, maybe after this they may rename it, hired a masseuse named Norbert and looks like he decided to finger a client and now is in jail and being sued. Norbert’s photo below sends a plethora of messages, one he looks like he as his feelings hurt and has been crying, guess so, his career up in flames, one can only imagine the jokes at the jail about this incident, AND, he managed to get Massage Envy sued unless the recipient of the massage and assault changes her mind. RIGHT?

I guess the only good part of this story is that Norbert wasn’t a cosmetologist doing facials.

All snarky comments welcomed.


Man charged in sexual assault of woman at Waco massage parlor (

By KWTX Staff

Published: Dec. 29, 2022 at 12:09 PM CST|Updated: 19 hours ago

WACO, Texas (KWTX) – Norberto Tinoco, 40, is charged with sexual assault after a woman accused him of touching her inappropriately and sexually assaulting her during a massage.

The accuser told police she visited Massage Envy at 2812 W. Loop 340 in Waco on Oct. 2 to get a massage. She said she was completely naked during the massage and Tinoco allegedly used his fingers to sexually assault her.

The woman told detectives she “froze up” in the moment and “did not say anything for fear that Tinoco would escalate the sexual assault or physically harm her,” the complaint affidavit states.

As soon as Tinoco finished the massage, the woman left. “She was very upset and sought therapeutic help before deciding to report the assault” on Oct. 17, the affidavit further states.

When detectives spoke with Tinoco, he denied any contact with the woman and “insisted there was no way he could have touched her” because of his draping technique with a covering cloth.

“Mr. Tinoco agree to a polygraph, which he failed,” the affidavit states, “In the post-test interview, Mr. Tinoco admitted that he had, in fact, touched (the woman)” inappropriately.

The accuser has hired Waco attorneys Vic Feazell and Seth Sutton to explore the possibility of civil litigation in the incident.



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