This is Stephanie Reneau, Harry’s Woman of the YEAR, she follows in the brave footsteps of Julissa West and others who won’t go along to get along.

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It’s six hundred pages and you’ll soon see the good old boys just decided to stick it to Stephanie Reneau.

What they basically did was use the police violation “acts bringing discredit to the sheriffs office” as a reason to demote her from lieutenant to jailer. She had been a supervisor for 8 years and with 13 years of service with the sheriffs office. She is a Texas peace officer and graduated valedictorian in peace officer school. she also teaches various police and jail courses to new recruits. Most of the younger officers saw her as a mentor and a great leader in law enforcement. She had tons of officers from the sheriffs office to other agencies reach out to her and are pissed off at the fact that she got treated so poorly. 

Now, she will be working with Ricky Armstrong at Texas Commission on Jail Standards. 

She was just one of several high ranking officers that this ew administration has been “after”. Their goal is to go after all the rank who were there under Major Ricky Armstrong. They use this scare tactic to treat everyone else badly and make them scared of losing their jobs.

The first incident listed below is where she was snitched on to Captain Conley by fellow coworkers at the women in law enforcement conference. She was the highest rank involved in the incident and administration did not like it that she didn’t tell them about the incident as soon as it happened. We should mention this happened in Ft. Worth. They were angry that she didn’t tell them about what happened as soon as it happened, even though it wasn’t here. They said they couldn’t trust her because she didn’t tell them as soon as it happened. She did nothing illegal or breaking of any policy during the incident. The individual involved was perfectly fine and the other deputy involved felt the incident was handled in the least intrustive way possible, Stephanie was the only one reprimanded for the incident none of the other deputies were.

The second incident occurred after Captain Conley and Lt. Spruill made the WRONG decision by releasing an inmate that was having a mental health crisis. She was coming to work in her patrol vehicle and watched the inmate they released hang out of a moving venicle on jail property. She took a jailer with her to make sure the individual did not hurt herself by falling out of the moving vehicle. The individual ended up running on highway 6 in front of on coming traffic trying to kill herself. The jailer and Stephanie Reneau acted appropriately and saved the woman from killing herself on the highway. Stephanie was chewed out angrily by adnimistration for acting as a peace officer in saving the girl. Stephanie’s fellow co workers thought the jailer and Stephanie should have received a letter of commendation or a life safety award but instead Stephanie was told she did wrong by acting as a peace officer and not a jailer.

In reality the incident should not have even occurred at all if the right decision had been made by Captain Conley who has no idea how to handle mental health inmates.


In reading the following rebuttal to Captain Evans it should be noted that Captain Evans himself has a girlfriend at the jail, she was recently promoted and is going to PO school, even though she failed the test.


  1. So either the jail released a woman who was in mental crisis and needed to go to a hospital for evaluation


    Somewhere during the short walk from the front door to the parking lot she suddenly went into mental crisis

    And it’s Reneau’s fault for not pretending she just didn’t see the woman half hanging out of the car?

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