Scroll down to Stephanie Reneau’s “exit” letter, finally someone speaks out!!!!

You thought you destroyed another “disloyal” employee, didn’t you Par? Got news for you, the girls are pissed off.

We’ve been waiting for someone who has had ENOUGH of the jail to leave and actually say something, that has happened at long last. Stephanie Reneau. There is more, much more coming, but Harry wanted to get it out there so that Par knows that Reneau has gotten herself another job and he cannot intimidate her or touch her so she is free to speak.

You see, Stephanie Reneau is going to work for her old boss, Ricky Armstrong at the JAIL STANDARDS COMMISSION.

Jailers are furious, frustrated, and frantic, some of them from the old regime of Armstrong know that they are on a hit list. They know that anything they do might be blown up and that they may be demoted. This is what happened to Reneau. They were after her and after an incident that happened in Ft. Worth the good old boys had the cannon fodder to strip Reneau of her Sargeant’s badge and salary and demote her.

Although there is more inter office shenanigans with California Sunshine and a certain female jailer, who it seems is a rising star gaining promotions and raises, Reneau gets it for something that didn’t even happen in Waco. Something that she did not instigate nor could she have forseen the events.

If you haven’t heard, the MCSO is DOWN about 90 employees and jailers are now REQUIRED to work overtime whether they want to or not.

Recent love affairs and special treatment plus mandatory overtime has made the atmosphere at the jail worsens daily.

Par’s recent election interfering, the fact that there are no body cams to protect the public OR to protect themselves from the “others”. Since new and favored employees are in charge of training and are not exactly qualified, the jailers are afraid no one “has their back”, and those that do don’t have experience.

Let’s not forget the jail suicide that happened earlier this year………………no body cams. Hello?

Tick tock, old buddy Par, between your bank loans and lack of leadership not to mention you allowing a little hanky panky between superiors and subordinates and meet ups in the parking lot, somewhere along the line, photos and other little lovey details are bound to emerge.

Par cheats on his wife, Par’s girlfriend is in jail. Par has NO problem with extramarital affairs even among employees.

What a dumbass.



  1. It’s a shit show, a few months ago a LT. under sunshine bailed, gave up his money and a unit to get to the courthouse. Sunshine and his girl toy will eventually destroy the jail, pathetic, leave it to a Californian to screw a good thing.

    1. No no no. You have it all wrong.

      That 20k+ pay cut was taken for “personal reasons.” The courthouse hours “work out better for his family.”

      It has nothing to do with the toxic leadership at the jail.

      1. Sure, baby, sure, I know they don’t pick on girls, especially when they have their own girlfriends to put into power………..naw…..

      2. Not just one Lieutenant but 2 Lieutenants have demoted their self to go to the courthouse. You wonder why the jail is so short handed? It’s pretty obvious how bad things are when your leadership steps down for “personal reasons.”

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