As Parnell’s longtime shared love, Sherre Johnston, sits in the jail sharing Cheeto and Big Red Casseroles with her recent roomie, or KiKI, the clock ticks away and one has to wonder if this “tell all” book she is threatening to write will ever get written by poor widdle Christian Sherre and her floppy jail pencil. Hmm, reminds me of the problem with Mike Mc in the motel…….

Sherre has shot her wad on her tell all with this writer, as she confesses on her FACEBOOK she only met me once in 1992, going to be a short book on that. However, she has had quite the glowing history with different church deacons, True Truman, Par and Mike Mc. She also has a get out of jail card from Par, except for this last pesky episode.

IF Parnell gets her out, and I’ll betcha he does, ALL those dash cam videos are up for grabs.

Can’t wait to hear her ask for Pork Chop instead of T Bone, guess she got her meats confused. T Bone is the nickname for one of the deputies.

So ole Parnell has a pickle.

Sherre Johnston is still in jail.

Every day she sits in jail is a day where she can decide to tell the world what she knows.


If Parnell gets the charges dropped (which the UCW and Tampering charges are already gone), then suddenly all the dash cam videos of the arrest become subject to open records.

Now if all the deputies, including the supervisor, Cpl Tippie, were following policy, then they should’ve had their in car video running and their body mics worn.

I wonder what all those videos would show……..

Such a pickle.

Will Char have to give in to Par and let it be okay that he gets Sherre out?

Will Sherre be any better after all these months in jail, word from family and friends say “no”, no remorse.

So it goes in a place where you’re supposed to be faithful to your wife, you’re a big snake kissing Christian after all, BUT, there is this pervading problem of the Christian menfolk and their little Christian wayward penises.

God forgives, but does Char? Stay tuned, she just might just wander off on that palomino.



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