Harry, why are we getting perves from other states in the Scaramucci stings and not busting any Rub and Tugs that are operating here? Also, why don’t we have any local perves picked up in these big stings we’re all on the news for?

Well, Dear Reader, the reason is because a recent “sting” in Waco netted a certain low level County Official and when HE hit the motel door and saw the officers, he told them that he wasn’t going to jail and that THEY had best shut this sting bullshit down. HE told them that if they did not he would have to SING about what really happened to the Sheriff’s brother.

Hmmm, now if you have any kind of imagination at all you can figure out who I am talking about here.

By the way, when Mike McNamara died, did you know that JP Pete Peterson put down that Mike died at the Walmart in Bellmead? Sure did.

Any attorneys with criminal clients caught in any Scaramucci sting, please get in touch with Harry Storm, I think I can help you with your cross examination of the deputy.

Par………..looks like you are doing the safe and correct thing to keep ole Joe Scaramucci and the others bringing in more perves and you two can go on sucking up to the real ones at the Antioch Church on Sundays where you all go.

Does Mrs. Perve know he’s up to no good? Uh oh, she may soon.


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