The bank loan says that the property is supposed to be kept in good shape, the loan it seems is on the Ole McNamara house etc. The house is UN livable, Par shows it as his Homestead, but doesn’t live there. Par also will come after you for “DOXXING” that’s putting his address out there on the internet, EXCEPT Par doesn’t live there and no one CAN live there, it’s falling down.

Here’s a few thoughts from a Reader already at the Fifth Circuit with a lawsuit against TFNB.

One thing’s for sure, David Littlewood loves that Parnell McNamara, RV’s, other boy shit, no problem, TFNB.

Ask them to do this same deal for you.

Awww, come on.




AvatarMark Mattlage-Thurmond

46 min. ago

Sure, I would lend him money if my name were David Littlewood. Thank God it isn’t! Par’s life insurance will cover his debts if he’s smart. Hope he read the “fine print”. Curiously, the Deed of Trust that you showed, that’s the one we should have had (Home Equity Loan) as our property had an immediate 740,000 equity and an estimated value of 2.3 million upon completion of improvements; and cost approach says it appraised almost a million more. The Deed of Trust you show has different language than ours did (especially on the signature page). This loan is a loan of priority from Littlewood personally on behalf of TFNB. No one has to have a 180 IQ to understand what their cozy relationship is or will be. Robert Snowden and I already know that firsthand. This arrangement of theirs goes beyond “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.” Who benefits from this loan the most; and that’s the question. Based on the factual (eye-witnesses) of the way we were treated by David Littlewood/TFNB and its hired goon brigade, I would say that Littlewood will be the beneficial winner of this “drop in the bucket” loan to Thomas Parnell McNamara. It’s not often the Sheriff’s Department supplies 6+ deputies (in body armor) to accompany the Constable to oversee an eviction. So you see, Harry, it isn’t Par who will benefit the most. IT’S Littlewood himself. A nominal amount to lend in order to secure the unusual assistance of the Sheriff’s Department to assist an eviction (even of two, elderly gay men in their 70’s) and/or any other smelly transactions that David Littlewood doesn’t have the hutzpah to complete himself. What a shitty place Waco has become with people like this in charge. May they live long to suffer their transgressions!

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