So, did ole Dave Lacy tell Par he was a bit embarrassed over that $815K loan at 2% being all over the place and did Par then get his NEW BUDDY DAVE LITTLEWOOD and TFNB, HIS BANK FOR LIFE, to take THAT loan? Hmmm. Maybe. The loan below says that the property has to be kept up etc. and that’s kind of funny since Par does not live at that residence AND the place is ‘unlivable” and has been for years and years. So can anyone get a loan now from TFNB on some shack they don’t live in just ’cause. Run down to TFNB now and let me know if you succeed in getting a loan on a house that’s unlivable and a place that’s not “kept up”. Par and Char recently sold TWO lots for sixty something grand, but now need ninety seven grand for something. Hmmm. Is it because Par just blows and goes? Hot checks? Another trip to Switzerland or the Hielo?

Nice to be an elected official in Waco where bankers just prop you up isn’t it? Good ole David Littlewood, don’t you wish he’d be YOUR banker for life or just shenanigans?????

Would you loan a seventy six year old man $97K on a twenty year note? Just another day at Parnell spends a lot of money so he has to borrow money yet again. Guess those campaign contributions he’s been living off of just aren’t enough when you have expensive toys, RV’s, thanks to TFNB | YOUR BANK FOR LIFE, and other playthings.

A special Thank You to TFNB | YOUR BANK FOR LIFE for another suck up sweet deal you think we can’t see through and to Parnell, who just likes to spend his money on, face it, sh*t.




  1. Sure, I would lend him money if my name were David Littlewood. Thank God it isn’t! Par’s life insurance will cover his debts if he’s smart. Hope he read the “fine print”. Curiously, the Deed of Trust that you showed, that’s the one we should have had (Home Equity Loan) as our property had an immediate 740,000 equity and an estimated value of 2.3 million upon completion of improvements; and cost approach says it appraised almost a million more. The Deed of Trust you show has different language than ours did (especially on the signature page). This loan is a loan of priority from Littlewood personally on behalf of TFNB. No one has to have a 180 IQ to understand what their cozy relationship is or will be. Robert Snowden and I already know that firsthand. This arrangement of theirs goes beyond “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.” Who benefits from this loan the most; and that’s the question. Based on the factual (eye-witnesses) of the way we were treated by David Littlewood/TFNB and its hired goon brigade, I would say that Littlewood will be the beneficial winner of this “drop in the bucket” loan to Thomas Parnell McNamara. It’s not often the Sheriff’s Department supplies 6+ deputies (in body armor) to accompany the Constable to oversee an eviction. So you see, Harry, it isn’t Par who will benefit the most. IT’S Littlewood himself. A nominal amount to lend in order to secure the unusual assistance of the Sheriff’s Department to assist an eviction (even of two, elderly gay men in their 70’s) and/or any other smelly transactions that David Littlewood doesn’t have the hutzpah to complete himself. What a shitty place Waco has become with people like this in charge. May they live long to suffer their transgressions!

  2. Caveat emptor, Sheriff Parnell. I hope you have all your bases covered in this $97K TFNB loan that protects any personal property you have on the land or any other collateral used to secure it.

    Case in point: My husband & I were evicted from our multi-million dollar farm property on Tuesday, April 5th this year due to fraudulent actions perpetrated by TFNB’s David Littlewood. Legal action is ongoing against the so-called “Bank For Life”. On eviction day (and in addition to the armed shoot-to-kill team of sheriff’s deputies wearing full body armor that accompanied the constable to oversee our move out!), David Littlewood had movers on our property supposedly to remove our personal items and place them into offsite storage. We had movers come in to do the same. All removal, including us personally, had to be accomplished by a 4 PM deadline.

    However, two unlawful events happened on April 5th. These are the KNOWN FACTS:

    First, we were denied access to our three onsite business buildings, operated under a lease to an LLC & NOT party to the eviction via WRIT of EXECUTION, to determine if the movers indeed removed everything into storage. This included confidential records located in the LLC’s business office to which TFNB & their reps have no right by law to review, but there is indication they have.

    Second, by the end of that day, we knew that FF&E (considered personal items as well as items still in our residence) had NOT been removed. Since that day, with one exception to retrieve some meds mistakenly left behind in the house, David Littlewood has refused to grant us access to remove our personal items; and those are items that TFNB did not finance and have no legal right to possess.

    TFNB has no legal right to do this. Requests via our attorneys have been met first with a lie (stating ALL our personal items WERE removed), then a promise to arrange a date to return to the property to inventory what was still there in order to return again with enough movers to finish the job (this date was never arranged by Littlewood/TFNB) and now continued silence from TFNB. We’ve expensive FF&E as well as personal family items still there but the bank refuses to give it back. In essence, they’re holding stolen property. David Littlewood & TFNB are thieves – plain & simple.

    In addition, TFNB has never acknowledged repeated requests to determine the status of the 25+ cats we had fed & watered on our back porch for over a decade. Many of which were pets, not feral. We must assume David Littlewood had his henchmen “dispose” of these harmless animals (not Silo goats) since no Waco area rescue shelter has any record of them being turned over for safe-keeping or adoption. This is reprehensible.

    So Sheriff Parnell McNamara, although you may consider yourself a “good friend” with David Littlewood, you’d better make sure he doesn’t direct TFNB to turn on you as he did with us and other former TFNB clients. Given the chance and a trusting moment, Littlewood certainly will.

    1. I believe the legal term “writ of possession” was meant to be used in Rob Snowden’s comment, but “writ of execution” certainly is befitting on what occurred on eviction day. An interesting play on words because it was akin to an execution hanging. Littlewood has no reasoning and certainly no accountability for what can be assumed to be unethical at the least and malice afore-thought at the most. A narcissistic personality is always having to prove something to himself. He is a disgusting.

  3. What Robert Snowden meant to say in his comments was “Writ of Possession”” not “execution” although the events of that day were Gestapo-like, stormtrooper and were certainly befitting public hangings of yesteryear. Shameful.

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