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I love the JUDGMENTAL menfolk we have here. Life is so simple. Kelvon Hubert needed killin’, he ran, he crashed, he died. Fine. IT’s legal, and obviously, for some of people out there it felt good and they have no clue why a black person would be at all frightened enough to run, crash and die.

Offended? Offended by the picture of a black man burned to death?

Seems McNamara’s are in charge of who sees burned black men videos and who doesn’t, just sayin’

So, to teach the good white folks, who like to snarkily write me about how I should delve into other “History” behind an occasional Davidian jab, I’d like to show you just a tiny piece of History here in Waco.

Black Texans, Black Wacoans, believe it or not, learn a different yet similar history in their schools and colleges, they have a few names we don’t, as white folks, snap to as easily. so I’m going to google up a little white folk black folk same place different view yet similar names thang.

See, the word, McNamara is a memorable name on the East side. You thought it was just Empire Seed and Eula Janes, didn’t you, well, “Guy McNamara”, is a historical name.

Seems the stories go that ole Guy and his buddies watched as they dragged Jesse Washington, the last man hanged in Texas, past Guy’s office and on to his mother’s house, and other lovely examples of Waco History, besides, the Davidians, and Suspension Bridge.

It’s a very inconvenient history yet, google and there it is.

Guy McNamara, yep, another big dick McNamara good ole boy, on and on up the food chain, now we have a man who doesn’t want body cams.

At this point we would like to thank the XX chromosone, which spawns only girls, for putting the McNamara Legacy to an end.

Why would a black person be scared of a deputy without body cam that works for McNamara be scared of a Sheriff’s deputy IN TOWN.

Obviously cultural, right?

So happy your view is the only view…………….you know who you are.


Lynching of Jesse Washington – Wikipedia

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Jesse Washington was a seventeen-year-old African American farmhand who was lynched in the … including the mayor, John Dollins, and the chief of police, Guy McNamara, …

Murder and arrest · ‎Trial and lynching · ‎Aftermath · ‎References

The Lynching of Jesse Washington

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Mayor John Dollins and Chief of Police Guy McNamara observed the whole edifying episode from the comfort of the mayor’s second-floor office at City Hall. The …

‘Waco Horror’ at 100: Why Jesse Washington’s lynching still …

https://wacotrib.com › news › local › waco-horror-at-100-…

May 15, 2016 — Mary Pearson doesn’t need to be reminded of Jesse Washington’s lynching. … Police Chief Guy McNamara, according to “The First Waco Horror.

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