October 7, 2019 TFNB decided to put a branch of their bank in East Waco. East Waco is coming back, right? Eula Janes? Hello??

Let’s pour money in to Parnell McNamara, a man with more toys than good sense, lets the old McNamara house fall apart, doesn’t even live there, but still gets loan after loan for it, he won’t have to pay until he’s dead???? NICE.

Well, David Littlewood is just smarter than the rest of us, a bank on the East Side.



East Waco leaders: Elm Avenue bank will be “game-changing”

East Waco will get its own bank courtesy of a local institution known for financing visionary projects such as Magnolia Market at the Silos.

TNFB Your Bank for Life, based in McGregor, has acquired the recently renovated Train Waco building, 713 Elm Ave., and will open a full-service bank and micro-business incubator there, president David Littlewood said.

Littlewood said he likely will make lease space available to entrepreneurs, and may earmark areas for holding financial literacy and mentoring classes and community events.

Once isolated from the downtown resurgence on the other side of the river, the Elm Avenue area of East Waco is now awash in public works projects and private investment in hotels, restaurants and retail venues.

Littlewood said as far as he can tell, the area has never had a bank, and one is “long overdue.”

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