What bullshit, Justice and Fairness for all? Ohmygawd, for none.

If anyone thought that Barry Johnson could or would grow a pair of balls now that he has NOTHING to lose, was wrong, oh, how wrong. He’s just going to sit there, leave a mountain of cases for Tetens to throw out, as they all do, AND, worst of all, we figure he’s got some cushy job at good ole Baylor lined up probably teaching others how to be as unmemorable as he is.

When Barry Johnson sent the case of the MISSING 93K from our Sheriff for Life’s evidence locker to the RANGERS HERE, well, that did it. If you need any more evidence of his incompetence, lackluster bullshit, and just, plain stupidity, well, I can look no further.

Johnson COULD CALL THE AG’s office and get some help cleaning the place up but if you ask him or any of his people they’ll tell you some bullshit story about how the Texas Attorney Generaly didn’t like Barry’s roommate or some bullshit like that, so THAT is why they NEVER called in the AG to help. Nice.

Since Barry is not and was not friends with ANY COMMISSIONER, I asked, ANY of the Republican officials, ASKED HIM THAT TOO, and didn’t have the balls or whatever to even take on Frances as to WHERE THE MONEY IS, and of course, he’ll tell you in a heartbeat that “My office just isn’t equipped to investigate anything”, well, congratulations, you’re the worst we’ve ever had.

WORST yet, we are stuck with his do nothingness until January. Wonder how many people the Sheriff’s office will have a hand in killing by then?

Below is a comment from a relative of Jesse James Evans, age 25 who died either AT the jail, or AT Providence, Providence kicked back and said Evans was dead when he got to them, naturally, our good Deputies wouldn’t lie or cover up a thing, now would they?

Too bad we don’t have a District Attorney with balls or intelligence enough to delve into THREE mysterious deaths within a four month period. Naturally, Kilcrease talks about suicide in the Waco Trib article below. Remember the same KILCREASE who said the death of the pedestrian in May was also “suicide”, the man is such an expert at everything.

We have a Sheriff’s department with NO body cams, we’re the ONLY ones in the State with this, BUT, no one cares.

No body cams means they can continue to kill people or contribute to the deaths, or call blacks whatever name they want, or do whatever they want to do just like it’s 1950.

Barry Johnson didn’t do anything to get the AG to help clean up the place because when they were all in college Ken Paxton didn’t like Johnson’s roommate or some shit.

What a loser.

Without his “daddy” stories and sayings, the man is a blank slate of nothing. A black hole of nothing but total bullshit.

NEVER did I dream that after putting the EVIDENCE in his hands, he’d go to the Texas Rangers in Waco, an extension of the Sheriff’s department.

Tell your kids to behave, tell them not to get into trouble because they just might meet their end with a deputy and NO BODY CAM.

How much will all of you tolerate? I guess a lot.


Waco Police release arrest details on inmate in suicide probe | Local Crime News |


You could see there size 13 or 14 boot print bruise on his rib cage the whole boot oh we have photos, I’m the oldest of my mothers kids and Jesse was only 130 pounds soaken wet and he left so many voice-mail to so many peoples just asking and begging for someone somebody to pick him up, SO HE COULD JUST LEAVE,, allthemore crying and just begging to leave there,, he was just trying to get his I.D. and important things plus his clothes so he could go back to Austin!!!


  1. He’s never going to grow a set, he’ll die a no nothing loser.

    Just waiting for the Grim Reaper or Karma to get them all.

    1. 7,100 people read Sex Pest West, all we have is Public Humiliation “our way”. Just throw your sorry ass out there. I never thought I’d have to write bad stuff on Barry. Now I’m mad at having faith in him at all, I just wake up pissed off thinking about the opportunity he had and pissed off. The press conferenes he could have had and didn’t. Just announcing a new first assistant three or four times, omg. Ask Par where the missing money is. Call someone out. Phone a Ranger…….could have done something and didn’t. I’m so embarrassed for him at this point. Till then, we’ll keep exposing them, omg, no body cams, didn’t even know it. Unreal……………….

    2. Bargers. Keepin’ their place safe in plain clothes & tax payer funded vehicle? Off duty? Is that allowed if there’s payment included? Just wondering.

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