THIS is your new Jail Major. No experience. Month One, jail death. Doesn’t even wear a uniform, never shows up.

It took the Ambulance a whopping 45 minutes to get to the jail.

This is Major Muffintop who produces more bullshit than the Longhorns behind her.

PAM WHITLOCK | MCSO’S NEW JAIL MAJOR | Exposing small town corruption and secrets in Waco, Texas. | I’m Mad Too, Harry. (immadtooharry.com)

KWTX reports that the “inmate died at Providence hospital”, however, Providence hospital sources say that the inmate did NOT die at Providence and Providence is pushing back saying that the inmate died at the jail. The “trick” the deputies use is to do CPR for however long it takes to get the ambulance there and get the inmate out of there to avoid the dreaded, DEATH IN CUSTODY, which is deep shit to the tenth power.

How on earth did the inmate who was on suicide watch IN the Booking Area, tear a blanket into three pieces and hang himself? You’re not supposed to have a blanket, it’s supposed to be paper, how long did it take to cut the blanket into three pieces? What did he use? His teeth? Since there is a clear door to the Solitary cell, AND the inmate was supposed to be checked on every fifteen minutes, plus cameras, one can only imagine what a CLUSTER FUCK this will be since our Sheriff for Life and his upper minions don’t know how to do anything except lie and cover up.

Pam Whitlock, our new Major at the jail, only shows up a couple of times a week, never there, as per usual, and Parnell, well, it’s questionable if he EVER went to the jail.

We can only hope that the JAIL STANDARDS COMMISSION lets Ricky Armstrong come on down with the others who will be investigating this as a matter of course since there was a death. Wonder if Major Pam actually will put on her uniform instead of her jeans and casual tee fat suit.

Let’s hope that the cameras walk and talk.

We looked up Jesse James Evans, he was twenty five and somebody’s son. He had a litany of marijuana possession charges, and a couple of family assaults, he was no stranger to going to jail.

Jail death is not good.

Happily, the Rangers were having a Reunion in Waco, so one was called out almost immediately.

Does that mean anything? You got me.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Parnell is lying under a disco ball at the Bosqueville Civic Center on a cot, between cleaning out the old family place, seems everyone around him is selling THEIR RV’s to get money. It’s so nice he has a Memory Quilt and even better that KWTX stuck that shit up there, they adore ole Par because he lied on the stand for Tommy years ago, BUT they didn’t report on the jail inmate dying for 24 hours.

KWTX is Parnell’s network, Tommy owes everything to Parnell who lied on the stand during the trial where Tommy had with the ATF Widows.

Hmmmm, notice how Steve and Alice January disappeared around the time the double dipping stuff came out. Someone sees the handwriting on the wall and it ain’t Par.

Hello Scott Felton and the Commissioners, wake the hell up.



  1. I’m new to your blog Harry, but I must say I am impressed with your knowledge about current and past corruption within Mclennan County’s finest!
    I wonder why they haven’t tried to silence you since you don’t sugar coat anything and really put them out on front street where they belong.
    Im guessing one of the main reasons is that your blog is somewhat hidden, and unless someone tells someone else where to find it, it’s not advertised anywhere therefore I would guess the majority of folks don’t have a clue that it exists.
    I think we should advertise your blog and let the masses know where they can find factual corruption about local law enforcement in Mclennan County.
    Every story I have read is loaded with links so the reader may verify everything you say…. Usually along with photos of documents that make it very hard for anyone to deny the claims.
    Keep up the good work. You have a following that knows you speak the truth !
    Thanks again and God Bless
    Sincerely, KP

  2. The demoted Sargents at the jail are having a hayday with that suicide, Kilcrease’s has his LA buddy using his California experience to shake things up, looks like it worked.

  3. This was my brother. He was covered in bruises and obvious broken ribs ! He was murdered

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