Click on blue link below to see Char help Parnell walk in………………

Central Texas sheriff with 51 years in law enforcement awarded ‘quilt of service’ (kwtx.com)

Yesterday, our Sheriff for Life, or until everyone around him gets arrested got himself a big honor, a Memory Quilt for when he goes to the MEMORY CENTER over at the Delaney to avoid prosecution, leaving everyone else to face the music while he cuddles his horseshit quilt. He’ll also be boring the shit out of the other men there and probably slept with at least twenty per cent of the women during the 70’s. Par got all sappy on air for the KWTX folks, and, as you can see from quilt square #2, Par can remember the “Just wandered up” horses he is being investigated by the Rangers for bringing home and letting the off duty deputies take care of.

Here’s Char who had nothing better to do since someone with a brain told her ass to get the hell off FACEBOOK and take down the pics of the palomino that “just wandered up”.

Par did say that he could think of a lot of other Sheriffs who deserved this more than he did.

So can we.

Worst fucking case of denial since Patty Hearst.


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